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  • Fine Woodworking 2007 Building Furniture

    116 Pages·2007·12.69 MB·1,412 Downloads
    Woodworking in one inclusive magazine: Building Furniture. VIDEOS: • Furniture maker Matthew Teague goes step-by-step ...
  • Fashion Brands : Branding Style From Armani to Zara

    257 Pages·2005·824 KB·1,403 Downloads
    Fashion brands : branding style from Armani to Zara / Mark Tungate. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and inde ...
  • National Geographic Masters of Photography - SnagFilms

    190 Pages·2014·7.83 MB·1,392 Downloads
    Better Living i Arts & Leisure uti Masters of Photography Curse uie Learn Photography from 12 National Geographic Master ...
  • Creative Photography Ideas

    162 Pages·2015·6.61 MB·1,356 Downloads
    Page 5 . Place objects on top of a photograph and scan it. • Artists arrange . It can also become a creative photogra ...
  • The Language of Music - Tom Brooks Music

    149 Pages·2012·10.44 MB·1,349 Downloads
    familiar Chord Progressions that are used often in popular music The 12 Major Keys - “Circle of Fifths” . MASSIVE  ...
  • Interior Lighting for Designers

    306 Pages·2012·5.68 MB·1,338 Downloads
    lighting professionals to provide solutions for architectural interiors around the world. I developed this system for d ...
  • Structural Engineering - Civil, Environmental, and Architectural

    133 Pages·2004·2.47 MB·1,333 Downloads
    STRUCTURAL CONCEPTS AND SYSTEMS .. 10.6 Stress-strain diagram for most structural steels understanding of overall str ...
  • Structure as Architecture - School of Architecture

    241 Pages·2012·7.92 MB·1,331 Downloads
    frames, struts and other structural members, to enrich architecture. At the most basic level I hope to raise architects ...
  • Blues Guitar Lesson Book - Learn & Master Courses by Legacy

    111 Pages·2009·12.92 MB·1,328 Downloads
    copy the Blues Guitar Book as needed for personal use only. LESSON Blues Guitar with Steve Krenz. 1 In order to get  ...
  • Understanding Architecture Through Drawing

    273 Pages·2012·22.45 MB·1,322 Downloads
    and archaeology, designing through drawing and drawing in architectural practice. studies of Celtic art and architectu ...
  • Drawing Manga Girls

    82 Pages·2011·10.49 MB·1,305 Downloads
    Drawing manga girls / Anna Southgate, Keith Sparrow.—1st ed. p. cm. it will teach you the techniques and tricks to d ...
  • Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography

    129 Pages·2008·4.4 MB·1,304 Downloads
  • The Art of Photography

    232 Pages·2010·11.7 MB·1,293 Downloads
    of photography and providepractical instruction in the use of equipment and —a further dividend derived from an anal ...
  • Creative Illustration

    290 Pages·2003·33.84 MB·1,275 Downloads
    ( The illustration pages are indicated by italics). (')nnnnvc CHAT. 17. 'THE FonM PRINCIPLE ne A Basle oF APPnonoH 21.  ...
  • Jewellery & Designer Fashion

    124 Pages·2012·8.9 MB·1,269 Downloads
    Bonhams 1793 Limited Registered No. 4326560 Robert Brooks Chairman, Colin Sheaf Deputy Chairman, Registered Office: Mont ...
  • Acrylic Painting For Dummies

    323 Pages·2009·24.9 MB·1,255 Downloads
    still asked me to write Acrylic Painting For Dummies. Thanks We're proud of this book; please send us your comments th ...
  • Architecture: Design Notebook

    119 Pages·2003·5.02 MB·1,250 Downloads
    ARCHITECTURE: DESIGN NOTEBOOK 2nd edition A. Peter Fawcett (Illustratedbytheauthor) AMSTERDAM BOSTON HEIDELBERG LONDON N ...
  • Lighting Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios

    129 Pages·2009·9.73 MB·1,235 Downloads
    the sensitivity to the human condition of the fine-art portrait photographer Using lighting, composition, and design, e ...
  • Music in Theory and Practice 8th Edition

    434 Pages·2008·10.53 MB·1,219 Downloads
    Music in theory and practice / Bruce Benward, Marilyn Saker.—8th ed. p. cm volume text is to present the basic ingred ...
  • Cartoon Cool

    114 Pages·2006·13.39 MB·1,200 Downloads
    Cartoon cool; how to draw the new retro characters of today's cartoons / Christopher Hart. p. cm. Includes bibliographi ...
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