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  • Blues Guitar Lesson Book - Learn & Master Courses by Legacy

    111 Pages·2009·12.92 MB·17,592 Downloads
    copy the Blues Guitar Book as needed for personal use only. LESSON Blues Guitar with Steve Krenz. 1 In order to get  ...
  • Rock Guitar Secrets

    180 Pages·2002·12.49 MB·19,451 Downloads
  • Creating Simple Solos - Amazing Guitar Secrets

    53 Pages·2009·7.84 MB·15,943 Downloads
    But I didn't know anything about the pentatonic or blues scales. IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Once you've memorized the pattern  ...
  • Violin For Dummies

    434 Pages·2010·10.96 MB·21,261 Downloads
    music, playing with major orchestras and chamber ensembles in Canada, the Joyce Pepple, Acquisitions Director, Consume  ...
  • How to Apply Makeup Professionally

    301 Pages·2012·4.17 MB·16,195 Downloads
    By knowing the techniques in this book you will open a new world of confidence for yourself. You're not only going to l  ...
  • Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory

    117 Pages·2013·16.79 MB·13,961 Downloads
    Music is written on a STAFF of five lines and the four spaces between. The STAFF. Music NOTES are oval-shaped symbols t  ...
  • Gardens Outdoor Fine Woodworking

    97 Pages·2013·10.75 MB·13,893 Downloads
    100 Rustic Stick Table. Turn fresh-cut branches . 13WW04P. For Information On Woodcraft Retail Franchise Opportunities,  ...
  • Creative Illustration

    290 Pages·2003·33.84 MB·16,209 Downloads
    ( The illustration pages are indicated by italics). (')nnnnvc CHAT. 17. 'THE FonM PRINCIPLE ne A Basle oF APPnonoH 21.  ...
  • Lighting Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios

    129 Pages·2009·9.73 MB·15,971 Downloads
    the sensitivity to the human condition of the fine-art portrait photographer Using lighting, composition, and design, e  ...
  • Portrait Photography

    329 Pages·2012·10.93 MB·21,774 Downloads
    Nikon D2Xs and 24–70mm lens. 7 . an in-depth examination of how to connect with them and draw the best results from  ...
  • National Geographic Masters of Photography - SnagFilms

    190 Pages·2014·7.83 MB·16,076 Downloads
    Better Living i Arts & Leisure uti Masters of Photography Curse uie Learn Photography from 12 National Geographic Master  ...
  • Understanding Architecture Through Drawing

    273 Pages·2012·22.45 MB·14,816 Downloads
    and archaeology, designing through drawing and drawing in architectural practice. studies of Celtic art and architectu  ...
  • Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography

    129 Pages·2008·4.4 MB·16,878 Downloads
  • The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-Step Secrets for How to

    55 Pages·2013·6.87 MB·14,216 Downloads
    Digital. The. Book. Photography. The step-by-step secrets for how to . years, including Moose Peterson, Vincent Versac  ...
  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

    156 Pages·2012·9.04 MB·12,861 Downloads
    EYE BLENDER BRUSH. A soft, fluffy, natural-hair brush with long bristles designed to blend eye shadow and eliminate li  ...
  • Architect’s Pocket Book

    356 Pages·2008·6.02 MB·11,746 Downloads
    Architect’s Pocket Book Third edition Charlotte Baden-Powell Third edition updated by Jonathan Hetreed and Ann Ross Ar  ...
  • Figure Drawing Fundamentals

    30 Pages·2007·541 KB·19,063 Downloads
    Notes to the reader This book is not meant as a step by step or a formula (art is not a for - mulaic pursuit) so do not  ...
  • The Makeup Book

    100 Pages·2015·18.6 MB·11,602 Downloads
    ers! Evie and Gene wouldn't have had it any other way. Brad Look is a top tier, Emmy Award®-winning, professional Holl  ...
  • Game Design: Theory & Practice 2nd Edition

    723 Pages·2011·12.7 MB·14,047 Downloads
    Computer games—Programming. I. Title. QA76.76 .. Chapter 17 Game Development Documentation . Appendix B Sample Desig  ...
  • Animation Writing and Development

    355 Pages·2004·2.95 MB·11,053 Downloads
    Technology Rights Department in Oxford, UK: phone: (+44) 1865 Types of Animation and Other Animation Media • 287 St  ...
Pay attention. Our only role in this world is to be awake. Consciously do things to bring yourself into the moment. If you’re with someone and not paying attention, stop and zone in on that person and be with them fully. Start to eliminate background noises and sights until it’s just you and them. If this is difficult, while you’re alone, practise removing other senses so you begin to focus on one thing. Close your eyes for a minute and focus on a single noise or cover your ears and look at a single object.
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“ Knock, And He'll open the door. Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun. Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything. ” ― Rumi
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