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  • Handbook of Pediatric Surgical Critical Care

    498 Pages·2014·3.5 MB·3,650 Downloads
    A Primer on Quality Improvement in the ICU. Daniel J. Ostlie, MD One of the first projects that we embarked upon is a  ...
  • Survival Nursing

    158 Pages·2005·19.65 MB·3,181 Downloads
    Also by Ragnar Benson: Acquiring New ID. Do-It-Yourself Medicine. Eating Cheap. Guerrilla Gunsmithing. Live Off the La  ...
  • The Raw Truth

    282 Pages·2012·2.75 MB·7,139 Downloads
    Summary: “Integrates new res ourc es and tips on the raw foods lifes tyle into a repac kaged edition of this raw food  ...
  • Principles of Human Nutrition

    688 Pages·2003·8.26 MB·6,808 Downloads
    Principles of Human Nutrition Second edition Martin Eastwood Edinburgh, UK 00 05/03/2003 10:52 Page iii  ...
  • Sustainable diets and biodiversity - Food and Agriculture

    309 Pages·2012·3.53 MB·2,514 Downloads
    Ensuring agriculture biodiversity and nutrition remain central to addressing the MDG1 hunger . Florence Egal, Stefano M  ...
  • Medical Surgical Nursing Part 3

    432 Pages·2013·10.15 MB·13,794 Downloads
    the liver . • Describe the medical, surgical, and nursing management of patients with Describe the postoperative nu  ...
  • Diets and Dieting: A Cultural Encyclopedia

    321 Pages·2007·2.35 MB·6,615 Downloads
    7, 2006). Chopra, Deepak (2004) Perfect Weight: The Complete. Mind/Body Program for Achieving and Maintaining. Your Pe  ...
  • Essentials of Nutrition for Sports

    170 Pages·2005·2.4 MB·3,652 Downloads
    Nutrients. Nutrition for Sports, Essentials of 3 substituted for the advice of a personal physician. All readers . Lis  ...
  • secrets toa long healthy life

    200 Pages·2010·1.21 MB·2,222 Downloads
    Chapter Six: Weight Management and the Integrative Diet and Exercise . to extensive research into what constitutes a he  ...
  • Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients Used in Food

    845 Pages·2009·3.79 MB·5,126 Downloads
    Leung's encyclopedia of common natural ingredients used in food, drugs, and cosmetics / Ikhlas A. Khan, Ehab A. Abouras  ...
  • Textbook of Personalized Medicine

    763 Pages·2015·6.93 MB·2,365 Downloads
    Japanese in 2012 and the current version is the second edition of this book. Professor Problems with the ICH Definitio  ...
  • Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook

    364 Pages·2012·4.09 MB·9,465 Downloads
    Brian K. Davidson is the coauthor of Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies. He For those of you who have had weight loss sur  ...

    698 Pages·2008·3.82 MB·6,392 Downloads
    INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF SPORTS MEDICINE. EDITED Canada. Login Brothers Book Company .. tion in the preparation of  ...

    419 Pages·2007·4.23 MB·2,320 Downloads
    MEDICINE AND PHILOSOPHY IN CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY This work makes available for the first time in one dedicated volume Phi  ...
  • The Rosedale Diet

    184 Pages·2004·1.67 MB·1,178 Downloads
    Contents part one Everything You Need to Know About the Rosedale Diet 1 Chapter 1 Get Slim, Live Longer, Be Healthier 3  ...
  • Rebuilding West Africa's Food Potential - Food and Agriculture

    593 Pages·2013·7.01 MB·1,563 Downloads
    West Africa food systems: An overview of trends and indicators of demand A historical comparative analysis of commodit  ...
  • The Rice Diet Renewal

    307 Pages·2010·2.42 MB·1,490 Downloads
    Appendix A: Grocery and Staples Lists. 274. Appendix B: From our founder,. Dr. Walter Kempner, who passed the torch to  ...

    115 Pages·2011·2.51 MB·3,023 Downloads
    FOOD QUALITY, NUTRITION AND HEALTH prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska Division of Organic Foodstuffs Warsaw University of Life Sci  ...
  • Foundations Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    162 Pages·2010·772 KB·4,828 Downloads
    Essentials of this book can be downloaded freely at . scope of this book. However, the foundations of acupuncture and i  ...
  • Principles of Food Sanitation

    425 Pages·2006·3.15 MB·2,395 Downloads
    English. Deutsch. Academic edition. Corporate edition Food Science Texts Series. 2006 Pages 83-98. Personal Hygiene a  ...
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