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  • Social Media Mining

    338 Pages·2014·4.99 MB·17,151 Downloads
    messy social media; if you hope to serve your customers better in social media, you .. As defined by Kaplan and Haenlei  ...
  • Create mobile apps with HTML5, JavaScript and Visual Studio

    112 Pages·2014·21.22 MB·28,615 Downloads
    Feb 25, 2014 DevExtreme, you can target today's most popular mobile devices with a .. from the hosting environment (fo  ...
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

    420 Pages·2012·4.29 MB·12,027 Downloads
    Authors’ Acknowledgements From Romilla: The thrill of fi nding Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies in the booksho  ...
  • Beginning AngularJS

    191 Pages·2014·2.69 MB·37,788 Downloads
    Chapter. Pages 1-33. JavaScript You Need to Know · Andrew Grant · Download PDF (158KB) View Chapter Pages 35-45. The  ...
  • Automotive & Trucking

    260 Pages·2015·36.88 MB·15,416 Downloads
    Duty Truck L2 Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist task list and . Diagnosing Engine  ...
  • Excel for Marketing Managers

    258 Pages·2007·7.23 MB·25,459 Downloads
    Excel for the Math Classroom/Bill Jelen and Bill Hazlett. Library of Congress Control Number: 2006931384. ISBN-10: 1-93  ...
  • The Art of R Programming

    404 Pages·2011·4.51 MB·17,943 Downloads
    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Matloff, Norman S. The art of R programming : tour of statistical  ...
  • Introduction to Website Design and Development

    322 Pages·2013·8.74 MB·11,565 Downloads
    Quick Overview What does it really take to make a website? We are here to take you \behind the scenes" into the inn  ...
  • Simulink Control Design™ - MathWorks

    1,420 Pages·2016·14.8 MB·12,651 Downloads
    Simulink® Control Design™ User’s Guide R2013b. How to Contact MathWorks Web see the MathWorks We  ...
  • Web Animation using JavaScript

    402 Pages·2015·5.38 MB·45,232 Downloads
    websites. Web Animation using JavaScript will give you not only the .. Velocity supports the px, em, rem, %, deg, vw, a  ...
  • Classic & Sports Car

    276 Pages·2015·35.27 MB·9,897 Downloads
    Motorcycles and Automobilia. Thursday 10 December 2015 • Volume 34 No 9 • On sale 5 November Sport. 24. Lost & fo  ...
  • Microsoft Access 2010 Bible

    1,395 Pages·2012·32.74 MB·15,739 Downloads
    Access. 2010. Microsoft®. ®. Create tables and design bulletproof databases. Integrate Access with . Chapter 10: VBA  ...
  • Hardware Manual

    285 Pages·2008·10.59 MB·9,254 Downloads
    Saia-Burgess Controls AG. Contents. 0-3. 0. 4.4.1 PGU connection (PORT # 0, PCD1 and PCD2). (RS 232) for connecting pro  ...
  • Digital Video For Dummies 3rd Edition

    409 Pages·2004·12.02 MB·14,611 Downloads
    Microsoft Word 2000,. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker For Dummies, Macworld Final Cut Pro 2 Bible. (co-author), and Adob  ...
  • iOS App Reverse Engineering

    442 Pages·2015·16.41 MB·10,791 Downloads
    Chapter 1 Introduction to iOS reverse engineering . 1.2.2 Development related iOS reverse engineering .  ...
  • Abusing the Internet of Things

    291 Pages·2015·41.57 MB·8,783 Downloads
    protocol, which is built upon the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. ZigBee is a low-cost and low- powered protocol, which makes i  ...
  • A Programmer’s Guide to the Mind

    372 Pages·2010·4.41 MB·32,774 Downloads
    This book is a Programmer‟s Guide to the Mind. In it, we will attempt .. point in the mental construction process at  ...
  • Swift Tutorial - Tutorialspoint

    244 Pages·2016·2.41 MB·14,534 Downloads
    Swift i About the Tutorial Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. Swif  ...
  • C Programming for microcontrollers

    300 Pages·2005·4.34 MB·16,846 Downloads
    Featuring ATMEL's AVR Butterfly and the Free REMEMBER – YOUR BUTTERFLY BOARD IS NOT GUARANTEED OR Chapter 2: Quick  ...
  • Automotive Engineering International - SAE

    84 Pages·2008·8.56 MB·17,223 Downloads
    Dec 8, 2008 year's most significant engineering and innovation articles according to readers of. Automotive Engineeri  ...
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