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  • Excel Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

    410 Pages·2005·15.3 MB·16,501 Downloads
    Excel Timesaving Techniques™ For Dummies®. Published by. Wiley Publishing, Inc. 909 Third Avenue. New York, NY 10022  ...
  • Web Animation using JavaScript: Develop & Design

    402 Pages·2015·5.38 MB·12,648 Downloads
    websites. Web Animation using JavaScript will give you not only the .. Velocity supports the px, em, rem, %, deg, vw, a  ...
  • Autodesk Revit 2017 Architecture Fundamentals

    56 Pages·2016·2.56 MB·15,370 Downloads
    Revit 2017 Architecture Fundamentals ® Autodesk ® SDC PUBLICATIONS Better Textbooks. Lower Pri  ...
  • WordPress Web Design For Dummies

    387 Pages·2013·34.48 MB·12,263 Downloads
    WordPress® Web Design For Dummies®, 2nd Edition. Published by: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ  ...
  • Designing for Internet of things

    265 Pages·2014·9.41 MB·18,640 Downloads
  • Data Structures with Java

    351 Pages·2007·7.23 MB·14,831 Downloads
    Like other Schaum's Outlines, this book is intended to be used primarily for suitable as a study guide in a course on  ...
  • Game Engine Architecture

    853 Pages·2009·11.96 MB·29,037 Downloads
    International Standard Book Number-13: 978-1-4398-6526-2 (Ebook-PDF). This book .. The best way to learn computer progr  ...
  • Building a Website for Dummies

    365 Pages·2012·10.06 MB·15,203 Downloads
    Plan and design a great-looking Web site Building a Web Site For Dummies  ...
  • MATLAB Programming Fundamentals - MathWorks

    1,104 Pages·2016·6.89 MB·20,461 Downloads
    to return the Program and Documentation, unused, to The MathWorks, Inc. Trademarks. MATLAB and Simulink are registered  ...
  • PC Hardware A Beginner's Guide

    673 Pages·2009·14.17 MB·21,015 Downloads
    been involved with computer hardware and software for over 33 years. topics, including several books on networking, th  ...
  • Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

    681 Pages·2013·13.97 MB·23,056 Downloads
    Training. Guide. Programming in HTML5 withJavaScript and CSS3 hnson. Programming in HTML5 with . To participate in a b  ...
  • Automobile Engineering

    247 Pages·2012·1.43 MB·9,523 Downloads
    i) Entrepreneurship. 5 questions X 2 marks. = 10 marks ii)Environment . Project work, Entrepreneurship,. Environment an  ...
  • Programming and Problem Solving with Java

    810 Pages·1999·28.66 MB·13,837 Downloads
    Cover image © Peter J. Robinson/Photolibrary/PictureQuest. Text photo Programming and problem solving with Java / Nel  ...
  • Teach Your Kids To Code: A Parent-friendly Guide to Python Programming

    335 Pages·2015·14.89 MB·13,705 Downloads
    Teach Your Kids to CodeTeach Your Kids to Code. A Parent-friendly Guide to Python Programming. Bryson Payne. Teach. You  ...
  • Signals and Systems - Electrical Engineering

    769 Pages·2012·6.34 MB·14,705 Downloads
    Signals and Systems Using MATLAB Luis F. Chaparro Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Pittsb  ...
  • 30 Days To Internet Marketing Success

    535 Pages·2003·2.7 MB·11,033 Downloads
    30 Days To Internet Marketing Success by Joe Kumar _____ release because it makes their job of filling pages so easy.  ...
  • JavaScript Tutorial

    2,177 Pages·2001·34.64 MB·11,741 Downloads
    JavaScript was born out of a desire to let HTML authors write scripts directly in their x. JavaScript Bible, Gold Edit  ...
  • Python and Tkinter Programming

    684 Pages·2005·8.97 MB·11,408 Downloads
    Tkinter. Programming. John E. Grayson. MANNING. Graphical user interfaces for Python appendix D Building and installin  ...
  • Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java

    1,022 Pages·2010·5.69 MB·13,384 Downloads
    Weiss, Mark Allen. Data structures & problem solving using Java / Mark Allen Weiss.-- 4th ed. with advanced data struc  ...
  • MySQL for the Internet of Things

    329 Pages·2016·9.69 MB·10,337 Downloads
    MySQL for the Internet of Things Download Book (PDF, 8805 KB) Download Book (ePub, 4236 KB) Building Low-Cost MySQL D  ...
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