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  • A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry

    280 Pages·2012·10.34 MB·1,491 Downloads
    of reaction mechanism, he is equally convinced that at the present time it is quite . Ionic Organic Reactions and Hine' ...
  • Microbiology

    285 Pages·2016·14.61 MB·1,483 Downloads
    OpenStax is working to improve access to higher education for all. content by leveraging disruptive technologies, open ...
  • The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course

    626 Pages·2012·12.15 MB·1,483 Downloads
    Data: Cooke, Roger, 1942. The history of mathematics: a brief course/Roger Cooke 2nd ed. Includes . Software: pro ...
  • Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry By Gareth Thomas

    304 Pages·2006·3.78 MB·1,482 Downloads
    Fundamentals of medicinal chemistry / Gareth Thomas. p. cm. Includes .. Chemistry in the Selected Further Reading secti ...
  • Solving General Chemistry Problems

    476 Pages·2002·15.51 MB·1,479 Downloads
    remained the same as in the fourth edition, the text has been substantially rewritten. Conway problems. The mathematic ...
  • Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers

    821 Pages·2012·13.5 MB·1,460 Downloads
    This is an introductory textbook for a first course in applied statistics and probability for un- dergraduate students  ...
  • Mathematics

    322 Pages·2012·17.4 MB·1,369 Downloads
    10 Moss Court. Stanthorpe 4380 NAPLAN Questions. 10. Competition Questions. 11 NAPLAN Questions. 26. Competition Ques ...
  • Human Biology

    293 Pages·2013·38.93 MB·1,364 Downloads
    in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution/Non- Bacteria in the Digestive System. 1.20. Health of the Circul ...
  • Food Chemistry

    1,114 Pages·2008·13.8 MB·1,364 Downloads·German
    Food Chemistry Chapter. Pages 467-497. Food Contamination · Download Authors. Hans-Dieter Belitz · Werner Grosch (1 ...
  • The Quantum Structure of Space and Time

    295 Pages·2007·16.76 MB·1,359 Downloads
    Proceedings of the 23rd Solvay Conference on Physics. Brussels, Belgium Universite Libre de Bruxelles & International  ...
  • Introduction to Calculus

    632 Pages·2012·23.61 MB·1,355 Downloads
    Preface. This is the second volume of an introductory calculus presentation intended for future scientists and enginee ...
  • NCERT Class 10 Mathematics

    369 Pages·2014·5.19 MB·1,352 Downloads
    Download for free (or view) PDF file NCERT Class 10 Mathematics for Competitive Exams. Visit FlexiPrep for more files a ...
  • Understanding Engineering Mathematics

    545 Pages·2007·6.99 MB·1,349 Downloads
    Understanding Engineering. Mathematics. Bill Cox. OXFORD AUCKLAND BOSTON JOHANNESBURG MELBOURNE NEW DELHI   ...
  • Introduction to Electric Circuits

    265 Pages·2007·7.68 MB·1,242 Downloads
    Essential Electronics Series Introduction to Electric Circuits Eur Ing R G Poweli Principal Lecturer Department of Elect ...
  • Plant Biology

    345 Pages·2005·3.26 MB·1,242 Downloads
    Developmental Biology. Plant Biology. Forthcoming titles. Bioinformatics. The INSTANT NOTES Chemistry series. Consultin ...
  • Practical Physics

    329 Pages·2007·3.85 MB·1,236 Downloads
    2 Practical Physics. 1.3 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR PERFORMING EXPERIMENTS. 1. Before performing an experiment, the stude ...
  • Problem Books in Mathematics

    459 Pages·2015·20.2 MB·1,201 Downloads
    of Chapter 1 difficult may wish to proceed to Chapter 2 and 3 and return .. Uniqueness of factorization. 4.6.8. Uniquen ...
  • The Foundations of Chemistry

    1,157 Pages·2001·25.56 MB·1,189 Downloads
    principles you will learn in a general chemistry course are the foundation of all branches find answers to old questio ...
  • Physics of the Impossible

    353 Pages·2012·4.7 MB·1,185 Downloads
    Physics of the impossible : a scientific exploration into the world of phasers, force fields The article claimed that  ...
  • Physics Demystified

    618 Pages·2003·2.61 MB·1,180 Downloads
    PHYSICS DEMYSTIFIED STAN GIBILISCO McGraw-Hill New York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan New ...
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