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T.A. Pratt

T.A. Pratt

·3.8·9,573 Ratings
“ When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. ” ― Dalai Lama
Authors' Books
  • Lady of Misrule (Marla Mason, #8)

    ·3.98·223 Ratings
    Marla awakens for her month on Earth and finds her allies missing, and an old enemy causing trouble in her home city of Felport, where Marla once ruled as chief sorcerer. Meanwhile, a rather charming gentlemen who happens to be a monstrous exile from beyo
  • Spell Games (Marla Mason, #4)

    ·3.96·945 Ratings
    Brain-eating fungi, wannabe sorcerers, long-lost relations–does even a hard-core witch stand a chance?Mad sorcerers, psychic vampires, an army of vengeful demons, Marla Mason would rather face them all than a flesh-and-blood ghost from her dysfunctional
  • Bride of Death (Marla Mason, #7)

    ·3.98·217 Ratings
    Marla Mason has been a mercenary, chief sorcerer and protector of an entire city, and an occult detective, and now she's a goddess of Death... but only part-time. She gets to spend six months a year living as a mortal woman on Earth, and she's decided to
  • Bone Shop (Marla Mason, Prequel #1)

    ·3.93·457 Ratings
    A prequel novel about sorcerer Marla Mason, heroine of a series of novels by T.A. Pratt published by Bantam Spectra from 2007-2009, including Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, Dead Reign, and Spell Games. Bone Shop explores Marla's early days in the city of Fe
  • Broken Mirrors (Marla Mason, #5)

    ·3.97·444 Ratings
    Serialized online novel which continues the story of Marla Mason in T.A. Pratt's urban fantasy series.Sorcerer Marla Mason has never been afraid of a fight, but she's about to face her greatest challenge: herself. Or, at least, an alternate-universe versi
  • Shark's Teeth (Marla Mason, #5.5)

    ·3.93·95 Ratings
    Marla, bored in her forced exile in Hawaii, goes looking for trouble (and finds it).
  • Grander Than the Sea (Marla Mason, #1.5)

    ·3.92·90 Ratings
    Marla Mason, chief sorcerer of the coastal city of Felport, is called to the Blackwing Institute, a hospital for criminally insane magic-users. One of the patients tells her the world is going to end soon, when a great eldritch god rises from the ocean. S
  • Haruspex (Marla Mason, Prequel #2)

    ·3.72·108 Ratings
    Before she was the witch queen of Felport, Marla Mason was just a freelance mercenary sorcerer with a knack for doing nasty jobs exceedingly well. This gritty novelette pits Marla and her magical cloak against a supernaturally-powerful serial killer targe
  • Pale Dog (Marla Mason, Prequel #3)

    ·3.97·145 Ratings
    "Pale Dog" is the first published story about sorcerer Marla Mason, the notorious witch queen of Felport, and star of the urban fantasy series by T.A. Pratt. Marla and her right-hand man Rondeau track down a treacherous sorcerer who refuses to stay dead,
  • Grim Tides (Marla Mason, #6)

    ·4.03·326 Ratings
    Marla Mason, ousted chief sorcerer for the city of Felport, is languishing in exile on the island of Maui with her best friend, the psychic (and rather hedonistic) Rondeau. She's making a living of sorts as an occult detective, but for the most part, she'
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