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Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole

·3.71·20,200 Ratings
“ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ” ― Anne Frank
Authors' Books
  • Doctor Who: The Monsters Inside

    ·3.63·1,752 Ratings
    The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Rose to a destination in deep space - Justicia, a prison camp stretched over seven planets, where Earth colonies deal with their criminals. While Rose finds herself locked up in a teenage borstal, the Doctor is trapped in a
  • Doctor Who: The Ancestor Cell

    ·3.74·188 Ratings
    The Doctor's not the man he was. But what has he become? An old enemy -- Faction Paradox, a cult of time-travelling voodoo terrorists -- is finally making him one of its own. These rebels have a mission for him, one that will deliver him into the hands of
  • Doctor Who: The Land of the Dead

    ·2.95·265 Ratings
    Landing in Alaska, the Doctor and Nyssa encounter a group of people in a most unusual house, cut off not only by the harsh climate but by their individual secrets and obsessions.Millionaire Shaun Brett is utilising chunks of the local area to construct a
  • Doctor Who: The Apocalypse Element

    ·3.46·280 Ratings
    When the planet Archetryx is threatened by a Dalek assault squad, the Doctor and Evelyn become embroiled in an ever-deepening mystery. What has become of President Romana, missing for twenty years? What lurks in the vast gravity wells of Archetryx? What i
  • Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons

    ·3.66·1,145 Ratings
    The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster. The search is on for the elusive 'Beast of Westmorland', and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the count
  • Doctor Who: Vanishing Point

    ·3.42·114 Ratings
    An Eighth Doctor, Anji and Fitz novel. The planet Khnemu is a closed system, where space travel is prohibited by the white and black holes that distantly ring the galaxy. Each person on the planet carries in their genes a hereditary 'Godswitch' which enab
  • Thieves Like Us (Thieves Like Us, #1)

    ·3.68·717 Ratings
    Jonah Wish, a brilliant computer hacker, is the newest addition to an elite group of teen outlaws all hired by the same mysterious benefactor, Nathaniel Coldhardt. Each of them offers a unique talent: Patch is a one-eyed locksmith; Motti can dismantle any
  • Thieves Till We Die (Thieves Like Us, #2)

    ·3.78·252 Ratings
    Nathaniel Coldhardt, criminal mastermind and leader of an elite group of teen thieves, desperately wants to get his hands on the lost sword of Cortes – which was used by the Spaniards to conquer and destroy the Aztec people. But not long after Coldhardt
  • Prey (The Wereling, #2)

    ·4.01·848 Ratings
    Kate Folan comes from a family of werewolves. She'll only become fully 'wolf herself when she mates with a male werewolf. But she vows that will never happen. The last thing she wants is to give in to her evil heritage. Then she meets Tom Anderson. Tom is
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