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Ronald Malfi

Ronald Malfi

·3.78·10,948 Ratings
“ Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • December Park

    ·4.19·400 Ratings
    In the quiet suburb of Harting Farms, the weekly crime blotter usually consists of graffiti or the occasional bout of mailbox baseball. But in the fall of 1993, children begin vanishing and one is found dead. Newspapers call him the Piper because he has c
  • Little Girls

    ·3.59·1,225 Ratings
    From Bram Stoker Award nominee Ronald Malfi comes a brilliantly chilling novel of childhood revisited, memories resurrected, and fears reborn…When Laurie was a little girl, she was forbidden to enter the room at the top of the stairs. It was one of many
  • The Boy in the Lot

    ·3.33·156 Ratings
    Fear lives in Stillwater.Eleven-year-old Mark Davis wasn’t happy at all that his family was moving to the small town of Stillwater. He worried that he’d miss his old friends and not be able to make new ones. But he’ll soon learn that was the least o
  • The Mourning House

    ·3.78·498 Ratings
    Devastated by tragedy, Dr. Sam Hatch is a shadow of his former self. He travels the byroads of America, running away from a past he cannot escape. There is no salvation for him.And then he sees the house. Like a siren, it calls to him. Yet the house is no
  • Cradle Lake

    ·3.59·313 Ratings
    When Alan Hammerstun inherits a quaint ranch house nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, he seizes the opportunity to take his wife, Heather, away from New York. The couple has been haunted by the aftermath of two miscarriages, and the ru
  • Dark Discoveries - Issue #32

    ·4·10 Ratings
    Dark Discoveries – Issue #32The Occult in Dark FictionAll new Fiction by: Rebecca Cantrell, Mark Valentine, Damien Angelica Walters, Ronald Malfi and Jonathan L. HowardInterviews with: Graham Hancock and C. M. Eddy, JrArticles on: “Weird Fictionist &a
  • The Narrows

    ·3.91·473 Ratings
    The town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident. The town of Stillwater has been dying—the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there. Yet this most recent flood has brought something wit
  • Passenger

    ·3.92·89 Ratings
    A man wakes up on a Baltimore City bus with no memory of who he is, where he is going, or what has happened to him. His head is recently shaved. His clothes appear new. And written on the palm of one hand is an address. Passenger is a haunting journey of
  • Snow

    ·3.69·1,094 Ratings
    Todd Curry wants nothing more than to spend Christmas with his son. But when a brutal snowstorm cancels his flight from Chicago to Des Moines, Todd and a few other stranded passengers decide to rent a Jeep and make the trip on their own. During the drive,
  • The Ascent

    ·3.77·185 Ratings
    Having lost himself in extreme sports since the death of his wife, sculptor Tim Overleigh joins a team of men bent on climbing the Godesh Ridge in Nepal in order to stop his downward spiral. Only to find what was supposed to be a journey based in Tibetan
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