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R.K. Ryals

R.K. Ryals

·4.11·18,685 Ratings
“ Come let us be friends for once. Let us make life easy on us. Let us be loved ones and lovers. The earth shall be left to no one. ” ― Yunus Emre
Authors' Books
  • Mark of the Mage (Scribes of Medeisia, #1)

    ·3.98·905 Ratings
    Books never die, but they can be forbidden. Medeisia is a country in turmoil ruled by a blood thirsty king who has outlawed the use of magic and anything pertaining to knowledge. Magery and scribery are forbidden. All who practice are marked with a tattoo
  • Cursed (The Thorne Trilogy, #1)

    ·4.17·601 Ratings
    A grimoire. A witch. A Demon.Ellie Elizabeth Jacobs, often known as Monroe due to her fascination with vintage attire and old movies, is an 18 year-old witch and a darned good one! But there is also something very wrong with her. Demonic energy makes her
  • Tempest (Scribes of Medeisia, #2)

    ·4.32·480 Ratings
    We must overcome and prevail ...King Raemon is slaughtering tattooed scribes and mages, forcing them into hiding. All marked and those associated with them are destroyed. The people are desperate. Months after challenging Raemon, the marked rebels of Mede
  • The Singing River (Legend #1)

    ·4.14·175 Ratings
    NEW ADULT ROMANCE by Amazon bestselling author R.K. Ryals In Mississippi, there's a legend about a Singing River, a tragic love story that ended with an entire Indian tribe singing a death chant as they marched stoically into the Pascagoula River to die .
  • Dancing with the Devil (The Thorne Trilogy, #3)

    ·4.29·153 Ratings
    Falling ash. Subservient Hellhounds. Dark mirrors and ticking clocks. Such is the life of a daughter of Hecate living in Hell …Monroe Jacobs isn’t your typical witch. She is strong, her powers growing with each passing day. They are powers that beckon
  • Deliverance (Acropolis, #3)

    ·4.3·172 Ratings
    The third and final book in THE ACROPOLIS SERIES ... I need to remember my name. I need to remember my father'a legacy. I am a Reinhardt. I have protected my mark. I have fallen in love with a hybrid, the daughter of a powerful she-Demon. I have survived
  • In the Land of Tea and Ravens

    ·3.88·314 Ratings
    Sitting on the porch of a decaying house, an old brown mug sat, the top chipped, a warm breeze brushing against sun-heated ceramic."There is nothing more potent than a cup of tea," Old Ma’am once told her.Twenty-year-old Lyric Mason lifted the mug, her
  • The Acropolis (Acropolis, #1)

    ·4.04·394 Ratings
    "We have a new assignment for you, Mr. Reinhardt."These words are not comforting to me. At eighteen, I am a gargoyle who has been demoted because I broke the rules. Now I have a new mission, a new mark to protect. But I don't expect Emma Chase. I don't ex
  • Paranormal Days Gone Awry

    ·4.61·53 Ratings
    Bad days, we all have them. Even the supernatural beings among us. Do their powers and abilities make it easier or harder? You be the judge! In this anthology you'll see those doldrums days from every angle. From funny to tragic, from dragon to vampire, w
  • The Labyrinth (Acropolis, #2)

    ·4.27·319 Ratings
    "There are countless wise quotes that wax poetic about choosing a path in life, poetry about the road less traveled, but there is nothing that says either path is easy. Each path requires sacrifice, each path is full of scars." ~Emma ChaseMy name is Conor
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