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Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve

·3.95·76,716 Ratings
“ Pretending to not be afraid is as good as actually not being afraid. ” ― David Letterman
Authors' Books
  • Starcross (Larklight, #2)

    ·4·1,754 Ratings
    Art, Myrtle, and their mother accept the kind invitation of a holiday to an up-and-coming asteroid resort. But they set out with visions of rest and relaxation only to be sucked into a dastardly plot involving spies, time travel, and mind-altering clothin
  • Mary Queen of Scots and Her Hopeless Husbands

    ·3.69·126 Ratings
    Mary Queen of Scots is dead famous for: having terrible taste in husbands, rotting away in Liz 1's prison and, totally losing her head - on the chopping block. This work presents the inside story. It lets readers discover some Prickly Thistle Facts about
  • A Darkling Plain (The Hungry City Chronicles, #4)

    ·4.29·4,111 Ratings
    The final book of the thrilling Predator Cities series!London is a radioactive ruin. But Tom and Wren discover that the old predator city hides an awesome secret that could bring an end to the war. But as they risk their lives in its dark underbelly, time
  • Predator's Gold (The Hungry City Chronicles, #2)

    ·4.06·7,004 Ratings
    In this breathtaking sequel to his award-winning Mortal Engines, Reeve plunges readers into a ruthless and terrifyingly believable world where cities eat each other, betrayal is as common as ice, and loyalty offers the only chance for survival.
  • Einstein and His Inflatable Universe

    ·4.24·343 Ratings
    Albert Einstein is the genius who invented e=mc2. He is possibly the brainiest scientist in history - and the battiest! But did you know that Al's life was almost as wild as his hair? Not only was an unruly young Al expelled from school, but he was spied
  • Henry the VIII and His Chopping Block

    ·3.89·112 Ratings
    "Off with his head!" This clever biography showcases Henry's early life as a young prince, his turbulent years as king, and the stories of his unfortunate victims.
  • Wicked Words

    ·4.04·312 Ratings
    History with the nasty bits left in!Wicked Words tells you some fascinating and funny facts about the incredible English language and its horrible history, from the first word ever to dreadful dictionaries and sleazy slang. Want to know:• how to be very
  • Larklight (Larklight, #1)

    ·3.82·4,619 Ratings
    Arthur (Art) Mumby and his irritating sister Myrtle live with their father in the huge and rambling house, Larklight, travelling through space on a remote orbit far beyond the Moon. One ordinary sort of morning they receive a correspondence informing them
  • Here Lies Arthur

    ·3.6·1,790 Ratings
    Gwyna is just a small girl, a mouse, when she is bound in service to Myrddin the bard - a traveller and spinner of tales. But Myrdin transfroms her - into a lady goddess, a boy warrior, and a spy. Without Gwyna, Myrddin will not be able to work the most g
  • Cleopatra and Her Asp

    ·3.94·266 Ratings
    You've probably heard of Cleopatra. She's dead famous for: having a fling with Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony; getting carried away with her eyeliner, and having a nasty accident with an asp. But did you know that Cleo married, both her brothers, was dead
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