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Philip Palmer

Philip Palmer

·3.61·1,578 Ratings
“ Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Vampires, Thieves, and Griffins

    ·3.54·35 Ratings
    Included in this ebook are sample chapters from your favorite-- and your soon to be favorite-- Orbit authors. Two new authors, one a newcomer, and the other an eBook favorite in print for the first time: Kristen Painter crafts a gothic story where vampire
  • Red Claw

    ·3.66·330 Ratings
    Philip Palmer turns science fiction on its head in this breathtaking thrill ride through alien jungles filled with terrifying monsters and killer robots. Space marines and science heroes Gryphons and Godzillas It's all here in this gripping tale of man ve
  • Version 43

    ·3.86·266 Ratings
    The Exodus Universe.Your odds of surviving quantum teleportation are, more or less, fifty/fifty. The only ones crazy enough to try it are the desperate, the insane, and those sentenced to exile for their crimes.Belladonna is home to the survivors of the f
  • Artemis

    ·3.53·167 Ratings
    Artemis McIvor is a thief, a con-artist, and a stone cold killer. And she's been on a crime-spree for, well, for years. The galactic government has collapsed and the universe was hers for the taking.But when the cops finally catch up with her, they give A
  • Debatable Space

    ·3.39·348 Ratings
    Flanagan (who is, for want of a better word, a pirate) has a plan. It seems relatively simple: kidnap Lena, the Cheo's daughter, demand a vast ransom for her safe return, sit back and wait. Only the Cheo, despotic ruler of the known universe, isn't playin
  • Hell Ship

    ·3.58·146 Ratings
    The Hell Ship hurtles through space. Inside the ship are thousands of slaves, each the last of their race. The Hell Ship and its infernal crew destroyed their homes, slaughtered their families and imprisoned them forever. One champion refuses to succumb.
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