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Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings

·3.75·15,092 Ratings
“ Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ” ― Anne Lamott
Authors' Books
  • Unbelievable! (Uncollected)

    ·3.86·1,006 Ratings
    A collection of short stories by the author of "Uncanny!", "Unbearable!", "Unreal!" and "Quirky Tales". Why the punk ghost cab't pass his spook exam, where Souperman gets his strength from, and how an old lady grows up to be 16...
  • Quirky Tails (Uncollected)

    ·3.79·417 Ratings
    Includes the nine quirky tales: Sneeze 'n Coffin Santa Claws A Dozen Bloomin' Roses Tonsil Eye 'Tis Unhappily Ever After Spooks Incorporated The Copy Stuffed No is Yes
  • Round the Twist (Uncollected)

    ·3.91·433 Ratings
    How do you make a cane toad eat a frog? What happens when Linda copies herself? How do kids get parts in TV shows? What does Rabbit do when he is put on FAST FORWARD? What does it feel like to kiss another teenage actor? How do you write a script?The answ
  • Undone! (Uncollected)

    ·3.78·587 Ratings
    A collection of eight quirky, bizarre, and very funny short stories.
  • Unbearable! (Uncollected)

    ·3.82·760 Ratings
    A collection of eight quirky, bizarre, and very funny short stories from the brilliant Paul Jennings.
  • Wicked!

    ·3.72·447 Ratings
    From two of Australia's wickedest authors comes this collection of six shocking children's stories. They are: "The Slobberers", "Battering Rams", "Croaked", "Dead Ringers", "The Creeper" and "Till Death Us Do Part".
  • Deadly!

    ·3.86·264 Ratings
    Omnibus edition of the "Deadly!" series: all six books in one.When Amy arrives home for her birthday tea, her parents have vanished and in their place is a baby she's never seen before. At around the same time Sprocket wakes up naked on a deserted mountai
  • Unreal! (Uncollected)

    ·3.83·1,504 Ratings
  • The Paw Thing

    ·3.51·201 Ratings
    Mac walked over to the safe and opened it. Then he took out the black book and flipped over the pages. "Ah ha," he yelled. "Just as I thought." He pointed a long, skinny finger at Singenpoo. "You're the one. You're the one that gave them the recipe."Singe
  • How Hedley Hopkins Did a Dare...

    ·3.69·142 Ratings
    How Hedley Hopkins did a dare, robbed a grave, made a new friend who might not have really been there at all and, while he was at it, committed a terrible sin - which everyone was doing even though he didn't know it.
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