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Michael Scott

Michael Scott

·4.04·433,714 Ratings
“ Life isn't about getting and having, it's about giving and being. ” ― Kevin Kruse
Authors' Books
  • Etruscans

    ·3.4·159 Ratings
    In the early days of the Roman Empire, as the Romans are expanding their rule and the noble Etruscan civilization in Italy is waning, a young Etruscan noblewoman is violated by a renegade supernatural being. Accidentally impregnated, she bears a child who
  • Magician's Law (Tales of the Bard #1)

    ·4.17·153 Ratings
    A figure stepped out from beneath the trees-and the bard stopped in his tracks. The shape was man-like, a head and taller than Paedur, as thin as a sword – and completely enveloped from head to foot in a cloak of seared and withered leaves.‘Bard come
  • Silverlight

    ·3.76·148 Ratings
    "He is Silverhand, who was foretold, destined to save the world from Chaos and restore it to the statetht now lingers on only in dreams and pangs of secret human desire. To do so he needs the Arcana: The spear of Light, The Stone of Destiny, The Cup of Bl
  • Silverhand

    ·3.71·284 Ratings
    They are "The Arcana." Collectively, they are the ultimate symbols of cosmic power. Millennia ago they were the treasures of the gods of creation, honored and cherished in four great cities since swept away by the rivers of time. The Spear of Light came f
  • Tapestries (Magic: The Gathering: Anthology, #1)

    ·3.57·177 Ratings
    A Hurloon Minotaur wailing it's grief. A dragon whelp's egg cracking in the firelight. The crashing chaos of armies at war. These are the sights and sounds of the universe of Magic.MAGIC: The Gathering...Planeswalkers duel in worlds beyond imagining, whil
  • Irish Folk and Fairy Tales Omnibus Edition

    ·4.18·259 Ratings
    Here, collected in one volume, are tales and legends that range from the misty dawn of Gaelic history and the triumph of St. Patrick to the Ireland of the present day--tales as beautiful, mystical, and enchanting as the ancient land itself.
  • Firelord (The De Danann Tales, #3)

    ·4.35·55 Ratings
    The De Danann Isles are dying. Balor's magic has weakened the very fabric of the ancient isles. Volcanoes and earthquakes threaten to rip them apart. An ancient dark magic has been stirred up. Shining ghostly figures and bloodsucking vampires attack durin
  • Earthlord (The De Danann Tales, #2)

    ·4.46·57 Ratings
    In this sequel, the once proud De Danann people are now slaves to the power of Balor who has imprisoned Cormac, the youngest of the Earthlords, and has stolen his power over the land. Time is running out, for with each call upon his power, Cormac weakens
  • Irish Ghosts and Hauntings

    ·4.15·67 Ratings
    What is it about Ireland’s past that so haunts the imagination? More than one answer can be found in Michael Scotts’s powerful new collection of 29 tales. To start with, in a newly Christianized Ireland, monks do battle with a devilish monster that ha
  • Irish Myths and Legends

    ·4.02·110 Ratings
    From the epic Irish legend of Cuchulain to tales of banshees, leprechauns and wizards, these short stories and fables cover a wide range of Ireland's mythology and legends, forming a companion volume to Michael Scott's Irish Folk and Fairy Tales.
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