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Michael Jan Friedman

Michael Jan Friedman

·3.65·23,080 Ratings
“ In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. ” ― Marianne Williamson
Authors' Books
  • Aliens: Original Sin

    ·3.62·214 Ratings
    THE ADVENTURES OF ELLEN RIPLEY CONTINUE!Nearly three centuries ago, the Weyland-Yutani starship Nostromo investigated what appeared to be a distress call emanating from the barren planet Acheron.What the crew of the Nostromo found was an alien life form -
  • Doomsday World

    ·3.4·762 Ratings
    The planet Kirlos -- an artificial world built by a mysterious long-dead race called the Ariantu. Kirlos is now home to many races from both the Federation and the K'vin Hegemony, who have enjoyed years of peaceful co-existence and profitable trade. The p
  • Dujonian's Hoard (Star Trek: The Captain's Table, #2)

    ·3.68·272 Ratings
    There's a bar called "The Captain's Table", where those who have commanded mighty vessels of every shape and era can meet, relax, and share a friendly drink or two with others of their calling. Sometimes a brawl may break out but it's all in the family, m
  • A Call to Darkness (Star Trek: The Next Generation #9)

    ·3.29·715 Ratings
    The "Enterprise discovers a lifeless Federation research vessel, orbiting a planet hidden behind a mysterious energy shield. Over the strong objections of his senior officers, Captain Picard and an away team beam over in search of the missing crew -- And
  • Double, Double

    ·3.47·395 Ratings
    On a routine exploratory mission, the starship U.S.S. Hood picks up a distress signal from a research expedition though lost long ago, the expedition of Dr. Roger Korby, one of the centuries' greatest scientific minds. Korby himself is dead, it seems, but
  • Legacy

    ·3.55·478 Ratings
    A routine survey of the planet Alpha Octavius Four turns disastrous as Spock is attacked and poisoned by a huge creature and Kirk's landing party is trapped underground by a violent earthquake. As Spock fights for his life in sickbay, Scotty organizes a s
  • Faces of Fire

    ·3.51·374 Ratings
    En route to Alpha Malurian Six to settle a dispute between two religions, the U.S.S. Enterprise first stops to do a routine check on the progress of a terraforming colony on Beta Canzandia Three, a colony whose inhabitants include Carol and David Marcus.
  • Republic (Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper, #1)

    ·3.77·275 Ratings
    Revealed at last, the full story of Jim Kirk's lost friend, the man who helped him become the captain we know.... Stardate 1312.4. -- A young Captain Kirk, early in his legendary career, faces the crisis of his life when he must kill his best friend in o
  • Constitution (Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper, #2)

    ·3.83·196 Ratings
    Continuing the powerful story of Jim Kirk's lost friend, the man who helped shape a Starfleet captain.... Gary Mitchell is dead, killed by his best friend for the sake of his ship. As Captain Kirk returns home in sadness, he recalls the first time he hel
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