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Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott

·3.94·14,159 Ratings
“ Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." ” ― Mary Anne Radmacher
Authors' Books
  • Five-Twelfths of Heaven (Roads of Heaven, #1)

    ·4.02·273 Ratings
    In a space-faring civilization where a single woman is increasingly sisenfranchised, the star pilot Silence Leigh is defrauded from her inheritance by a greedy competitor. Forced to ally with two men, Silence is dragged into a deadly political struggle, a
  • Silence in Solitude (Roads of Heaven, #2)

    ·4.03·172 Ratings
    In Five-Twelfths of Heaven, Silence Leigh discovered that she was not only unusual, as a female pilot, but that impossible thing, a female magus. Her unique abilities make her the only person capable of reaching Earth, humanity's original home, now sealed
  • Night Sky Mine

    ·3.77·163 Ratings
    Melissa Scott's award-winning work is known for its vividly imagined settings that explore humanity's far future. IN NIGHT SKY MINE, young Ista Kelly is a foundling, the only survivor of a pirate raid on an asteroid mine. In a future where one cannot live
  • The Jazz

    ·3.62·122 Ratings
    Melissa Scott, winner of the John W. Campbell Award, twice winner of the Lambda Award for best novel, and author of the cyberpunk classic Trouble and Her Friends, returns with a hip novel of the media-dominated future, when the internet is filled with Jaz
  • The Kindly Ones

    ·3.67·157 Ratings
    Orestes was a cruel world, cold and inhospitable. Its first colonists were castaways from a crash landing, clinging to survival through the institution of strict socio-political controls. Over the generations life grew somewhat easier, but the code of hon
  • So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction

    ·3.66·133 Ratings
    Queer culture meets fey folklore in the pages of So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction, an enchanting anthology of fantastical tales for lovers of Lord of the Rings and all things Tolkien. But these faery stories have a magical twist--every one has an LGBT theme Th
  • Burning Bright

    ·3.74·283 Ratings
    Space pilot and ambitious young game designer Quinn Lioe spends shore leave on the planet Burning Bright, known for its virtual reality games, and soon finds herself playing a game with stakes higher than she imagined. Reprint. AB. PW.
  • Proud Helios (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, #9)

    ·3.27·181 Ratings
    The free flow of traffic to the Gamma Quadrant is vital to the recovery and survival of the planet Bajor and to Federation interests as well. When a mysterious cloaked ship begins raiding wormhole shipping, cleaning out holds and killing entire crews, Com
  • Trouble and Her Friends

    ·3.82·1,056 Ratings
    Less than a hundred years from now, the forces of law and order crack down on the world of the computer nets. The hip, noir adventurers who get by on wit, bravado, and drugs, and haunt the virtual worlds of the Shadows of cyberspace, are up against the en
  • Dreaming Metal

    ·3.99·197 Ratings
    Scott returns to the world of her earlier novel, Dreamships, and, as in several of her novels, takes up the theme of artificial intelligence. Persephone is a planet racked by class struggle and economic and political upheaval. Celinde Fortune is an entert
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