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Mary Roberts Rinehart

Mary Roberts Rinehart

·3.67·14,531 Ratings
“ Your big opportunity may be right where you are now. ” ― Napoleon Hill
Authors' Books
  • Sight Unseen

    ·3.48·97 Ratings
  • The Breaking Point

    ·3.7·213 Ratings
  • Miss Pinkerton

    ·3.75·216 Ratings
    When Herbert Wynne is found dead, with a bullet in the forehead, the obvious explanation is murder. But how could it be when the only possible suspect is Herbert's frail Aunt Juliet? Posing as Juliet's private duty nurse, the Homicide Bureau's Hilda Adams
  • The Red Lamp

    ·3.46·128 Ratings
    William Porter has just inherited Twin Hollows, an isolated lakeside estate shrouded in mystery and doom. But William and his wife aren't easily swayed by ghost stories and whispered rumors. Until a shadowy apparition beckons to them from the undying glow
  • The Bat

    ·3.57·453 Ratings
    An elite, rich, and spunky older lady rents a country house for the summer along with her skittish Irish maid and her niece. Some servants sort of come with the property but most soon abandon their new matron due to happenings within this large mansion. A
  • The Swimming Pool

    ·4·194 Ratings
    Desperately afraid, Judith Chandler barricades herself in her bedroom. Her sister, detective novelist Lois, has no patience for Judith's bizarre behavior. However, a real-life mystery unfolds when Judith disappears from her locked room without a trace. Re
  • The Wall

    ·3.92·171 Ratings
    Dazzling and devious Juliette was anything but popular with the upperclass set she'd married into. Her husband, Arthur, bought her off with a ruinously expensive divorce. But a few years later, Juliette turned up again -- and days later she was dead. Almo
  • When a Man Marries

    ·3.79·121 Ratings
    "It began with Jimmy Wilson and a conspiracy was helped on by a foot-square piece of yellow paper and a Japanese butler and it enmeshed and mixed up generally ten respectable members of society and a policeman."
  • The Amazing Interlude

    ·4.01·241 Ratings
    Now and then amazing things are done on this great stage of ours: lights go down; the back drop, which had given the illusion of solidity, reveals itself transparent. A sort of fairyland transformation takes place. Beyond the once solid wall strange figur
  • The Confession

    ·3.68·137 Ratings
    Agnes rents the Benton house for the summer, expecting a pleasant summer out of the city in the company of her family. She tries to back out when the family has other plans, but the renter begs her to take it on, even offering her the house for free if on
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