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Mark E. Cooper

Mark E. Cooper

·3.94·8,923 Ratings
“ Pretending to not be afraid is as good as actually not being afraid. ” ― David Letterman
Authors' Books
  • Operation Oracle (Merkiaari Wars, #3)

    ·4.07·655 Ratings
    Deep under The Mountain on Snakeholme, vast computer networks are running simulations, but they're flawed and General Burgton's self imposed mission to safeguard the Alliance is in jeopardy. Without reliable intelligence, he cannot protect the Alliance fr
  • Operation Breakout (Merkiaari Wars, #4)

    ·4.12·324 Ratings
    As a viper, Kate's no stranger to death. As a Richmond, she'll do anything to protect her brother.Kate Richmond has seen it all. The former army ranger and ISS operative has engaged in missions of sabotage, cyber theft, espionage, and assassination on her
  • Incursion (Merkiaari Wars, #5)

    ·4.24·419 Ratings
    The war games are on, but the real battle has just begun… The entire Alliance is ready for the war games. The spectacular show of innovation and strength may change the way war is waged, but on far-flung worlds, devastating incursions have already begun
  • Hard Duty (Merkiaari Wars, #1)

    ·3.92·1,457 Ratings
    Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw sixteen point two billion people killed in a war with the Merkiaari that had spanned decades. Two hundred years later, the Alliance is cautiously exploring beyond its borders again, but the survey corp is consider
  • Merkiaari Wars Series: Books 1-3

    ·4.19·557 Ratings
    This great set contains the first three books of the Merkiaari Wars Series plus an exclusive preview of Operation Breakout, the upcoming release of book 4 of the series:Hard Duty (Book1)Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw sixteen point two billion p
  • Rune Gate (Rune Gate Cycle, #1)

    ·3.68·772 Ratings
    Alexandra Yorke is one of a few trusted clairvoyants working with police on murder cases, but she has a secret. She isn't a clairvoyant, she's a witch unlike any other she has ever met. For years she has struggled to control her gifts, but years living in
  • Way of the Wolf (Shifter Legacies, #1)

    ·3.75·676 Ratings
    His old life shattered, his new life is consumed with revenge… and love. Dr. David Lephmann lived a normal existence until he was attacked by a shifter. Thrust into a world of violence and mistrust, he must battle for a place among his new people. Onl
  • Quest: Eight Novels of Fantasy, Myth, and Magic

    ·3.82·454 Ratings
    These titles are available for free, and we're trying to get Amazon to make this bundle free too. Please hold off on purchasing it. Thank you! Eight authors. Eight novels. Eight entry points into fresh, new fantasy worlds. If you're a fan of epic fantas
  • What Price Honour (Merkiaari Wars, #2)

    ·4.02·459 Ratings
    Thurston is an unimportant border world with a problem, a Marine type problem. Not the sort of place Gunnery Sergeant Gina Fuentez expected to find one of the fabled Viper cyborgs, but that's just what she discovers when a simple mission to extract an ope
  • Wolf's Revenge (Shifter Legacies, #2)

    ·3.89·206 Ratings
    Los Angeles, a city where monsters live cheek by jowl with humans. A city where violence simmers just below the surface. Lieutenant Christine Humber of the LAPD's robbery homicide division is well aware of that violence. She has worked for years in the ci
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