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Marianna Mayer

Marianna Mayer

·4.29·14,493 Ratings
“ Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Ivanhoe

    ·3.92·154 Ratings
    At the dawn of the Middle Ages, a gripping tale of chivalry and suspense emerges. Two distinguished knights -- one Saxon, one Norman -- have returned from the Crusades. Though they fought on the same side, they now have a score to settle. What begins as a
  • Beauty and the Beast

    ·4.34·5,585 Ratings
    Generations of children have been fascinated by the story of the girl named Beauty who grows to love a fearsome beast. This acclaimed best-seller, first published in 1978, transports readers into a world of pure magic and mystery.
  • The Unicorn and the Lake

    ·4.2·168 Ratings
    "The magical combination of Mayer and Hague will make this a popular book for years to come".--American Bookseller Pick of the Lists. 30 full-color illustrations.
  • Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave

    ·4.29·1,108 Ratings
    Sweet, lovely Vasilisa lives with her jealous stepmother and stepsisters on the edge of a dark forest inhabited by the evil witch Baba Yaga. One night the stepmother sends Vasilisa to visit Baba Yaga, an errand from which the gentle girl has little chance
  • Pegasus

    ·4.13·421 Ratings
    Condemned by a jealous king, Bellerophon must win the trust of the legendary winged horse Pegasus or face certain death. From the poignant meeting the growing bond of friendship between horse and man to the dramatic slaying of the fearsome fire-breathing
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses

    ·4.32·5,673 Ratings
    For generations, children have loved the enchanting story of the twelve beautiful princesses and the handsome young lad who solves the mystery of their tattered shoes.Now Marianna Mayer brings to life all the splendor and romance of this beloved classic,
  • A Boy, a Dog, a Frog, and a Friend

    ·4.19·184 Ratings
    First came a boy and his dog.Then they found a frog.Can a new turtle be a good friend too?
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