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Julia Crane

Julia Crane

·3.82·19,590 Ratings
“ Nothing in nature is unbeautiful. ” ― Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Authors' Books
  • Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles, #1)

    ·3.61·1,878 Ratings
    Sixteen-year-old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends--she's an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans. In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eight
  • Rourk (Keegan's Chronicles, #3.5)

    ·4.39·224 Ratings
    Rourk Kavanagh is an elite elfin warrior, and a member of a human Special Forces team. During a routine mission in Afghanistan, he crosses paths with a dark supernatural creature—a d'jinn. His world gets turned upside down when the unthinkable happens:
  • Conflicted (Keegan's Chronicles, #2)

    ·3.79·655 Ratings
    In the Elfin world, magic and destiny determine who will be together. "Chosen" pairs are fated to meet at the age of 18. Keegan, however, is an anomaly. Having fallen in the battle between the Light and the Dark, she is only alive now due to Black Magic,
  • Consumed (Keegan's Chronicles, #3)

    ·3.83·600 Ratings
    Keegan has dealt with a lot over the last two years: Death, black magic and the loss of her bond to her chosen mate. But on her eighteenth birthday, the bond with Rourk returns.Rourk longs to be by her side. Though he knows the distance between them cause
  • Broken Promise (Between Worlds #2)

    ·4.26·1,094 Ratings
    Over a year has passed since Rylie returned to her 'human' life. She now knows the truth about her past – and the destiny she can’t yet accept. Rylie struggles to choose between two different worlds, each with a boy she loves. News that her father is
  • Fatal Abduction (IFICS, #3)

    ·4.12·156 Ratings
    There’s a serial killer at large. His victims just happen to resemble Kaitlyn—dark haired, pale skin and athletic build. Kaitlyn goes undercover, attending a prestigious high school to try to lure the killer into a trap and save the lives of other pot
  • Anna

    ·4.31·128 Ratings
    Follow Anna from Keegan's Chronicles on her own adventure!Seventeen-year-old Anna is an unskilled, natural witch still seeking a way to access her magick. When she moves to Seattle for college, she encounters two powerful witches who need her as much as s
  • Dark Promise (Between Worlds, #1)

    ·4.02·1,925 Ratings
    Librarian's Note: Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Rylie has it all - great friends, dream boy, loving family. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters. A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears wi
  • Lauren

    ·4.09·252 Ratings
    A girl with a second chance. A boy with a terrible secret. When the truth is revealed, Lauren's world comes crashing down.For once, seventeen year old lauren's life is going right. She's attending the college of her dreams, has what appears to be the perf
  • Severed (Starwalkers Serial #1)

    ·4.05·281 Ratings
    Two sisters with special gifts and an unbreakable bond ... Cyena and Tyana were born to powerful parents who are among the ruling class on their planet. Their lives are pampered but isolated, constricted to the city walls in which they were born. Fun lovi
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