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Jonathan Gash

Jonathan Gash

·3.66·4,426 Ratings
“ Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Gold by Gemini (Lovejoy, #2)

    ·3.65·228 Ratings
    One of the most likable rogues in mystery history. The Bitish-Roman coins had been around for centuries, so when they disappear from a local museum, Lovejoy has a more than passing interest in finding them. Abandoning his usual pursuits of good buys and w
  • The Gondola Scam (Lovejoy, #8)

    ·3.76·197 Ratings
    Connoisseur of antiques, rhapsodizer of women, and all-around scamp, Lovejoy is hired by a millionaire collector to "rescue" every art treasure in Venice before the fabled city sinks into the sea. His winning ways, flexible ethics, and resourceful chicane
  • The Judas Pair (Lovejoy, #1)

    ·3.59·387 Ratings
    Lovejoy knows that the legendary Judas Pair of flintlock pistols are just that--a legend. Or are they? By the time he finds out the truth, two people are dead, and Lovejoy has to pull a nifty scam to avoid the same fate. First in the Lovejoy series.
  • The Tartan Sell (Lovejoy, #10)

    ·3.86·142 Ratings
    Lovejoy is in the Highlands seeking the rare and the beautiful -- and looking for antiques as well.Maybe it's because he's so good with fakes and women and so bad with taxes, but Lovejoy's antiques business is always getting him into trouble with the law.
  • Moonspender (Lovejoy, #11)

    ·3.76·135 Ratings
    Lovejoy doesn't mind making an occasional fake, but the wholesale theft of national treasures is not something he can go along with. So when a band of "moonspenders" -- antiques poachers with hi-tech electronic metal detectors -- start digging up the anci
  • Jade Woman (Lovejoy, #12)

    ·3.64·148 Ratings
    Hong kong was filled with noise, heat, pandemonium, six year old water carriers, lepers, porters, chineese so much of everything that exhausted after the plane ride, lovejoy fell asleep and woke up to find he had been robbed of his passport, his travelers
  • Pearlhanger (Lovejoy, #9)

    ·3.72·140 Ratings
    Looking for a missing husband is not usually Lovejoy's cup of tea, but this missing husband happens to be an antiques dealer. As usual the police are less than tolerant of Lovejoy's motives and methods - and, as usual, Lovejoy uses his charm, wit, and a l
  • The Lies of Fair Ladies (Lovejoy, #15)

    ·3.56·115 Ratings
    Accused of gutting a vacant old house and robbing it of its balustrades, moldings, and wallpaper in order to augment his inventory, antiques dealer Lovejoy investigates and discovers that his friend may be involved in an antiques scam. 20,000 first printi
  • Margaret Maron Presents Malice Domestic (Malice Domestic, #8)

    ·3.96·69 Ratings
    A Screenwriter Scorned plots a chilling revenge suitable for celluloid. . . . A four-footed sleuth takes on the perplexing case of the missing Christmas goose. . . . A widow who narrowly escapes death has a surprise in store for her would-be slayer. . . .
  • Firefly Gadroon (Lovejoy, #6)

    ·3.79·162 Ratings
    Lovejoy—unscrupulous conniver, feckless lecher, and more important, gifted visionary who loves beautiful antiques more than life itself—marshals all of his diverse skills to revenge the murder of an old friend. Jonathan Gash's entertaining expertise c
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