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John Birmingham

John Birmingham

·3.85·25,871 Ratings
“ The only limits you see are the ones you impose on yourself. ” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer
Authors' Books
  • Dopeland

    ·3.25·150 Ratings
    On his publisher-financed tour, the author meets the dope smokers of Australia. The sci-fi geeks, student activists and obligatory Nimbin ferals. The conservative politicians, lawyers, cops, bankers and school teachers. And the tea-drinking, sausage-lovin
  • Final Impact (Axis of Time, #3)

    ·4.01·2,075 Ratings
    “The action is nonstop, the characters very real–and very different from each other–and, to coin a phrase, it makes you think.” –S. M. Stirling, author of Island in the Sea of TimeIn the year 2021 a multinational fleet–experimenting with untes
  • Weapons of Choice (Axis of Time, #1)

    ·3.89·3,352 Ratings
    On the eve of America’s greatest victory in the Pacific, a catastrophic event disrupts the course of World War II, forever changing the rules of combat. . . . The impossible has spawned the unthinkable. A military experiment in the year 2021 has thr
  • He Died With A Felafel In His Hand

    ·3.72·2,350 Ratings
    These are the memoirs of 29 year old John Birmingham, who has shared houses and apartments with 89 people and kept notes on all of them.
  • The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco

    ·3.67·413 Ratings
    The flatmates at York Street are broke and desperate, so they take in a new guy despite the Celine Dion albums and the hoardes of fluffy stuffed animals. Soon he goes missing, with half the household possessions and all the rent. The flatmates have one we
  • Designated Targets (Axis of Time, #2)

    ·4.02·2,247 Ratings
    It's World War II and the A-bomb is here to stay. The only question: Who's going to drop it first?The Battle of Midway takes on a whole new dimension with the sudden appearance of a U.S.-led naval task force from the twenty-first century, the result of a
  • Stalin's Hammer: Rome (Axis of Time, #4)

    ·3.61·357 Ratings
    Ten years have passed since Admiral Kolhammer’s 21st century battlefleet was dragged into a wormhole and thrown across oceans of time, emerging with disastrous consequences and shattering the history of the Second World War. Hitler and the Nazis have fa
  • Emergence (David Hooper, #1)

    ·3.68·597 Ratings
    Dave Hooper has the hangover from hell, a demonic ex-wife and the claws of the tax office sinking into him. So the last thing he needs is an explosion at the off-shore oil rig where he works.But this is no ordinary industrial accident, and despite the new
  • Resistance (David Hooper, #2)

    ·3.75·410 Ratings
    A dragon brings down the Vice President's plane, a monster army is camped outside Omaha, and an empath demon springs an undercover operation in New York.New Orleans was just the beginning. New and different demons are breaking through all over America, an
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