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Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas

·3.88·31,028 Ratings
“ The greatest of richness is the richness of the soul. ” ― Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
Authors' Books
  • Luna Marine (The Heritage Trilogy, #2)

    ·3.93·1,368 Ratings
    The revelations on Mars -- a half-million year-old legacy of the vanished star-traveling Builders -- have fed the flames of catastrophic war. A beleaguered United States and its Russian and Japanese allies struggle to hold their own against the indomitabl
  • Battlespace (The Legacy Trilogy, #2)

    ·3.84·817 Ratings
    When called to do battle many light years from home, the 1st Marine Interstellar Expeditionary Unit rose to the challenge -- and now thousands of enslaved humans have been freed from the alien yoke. But Earth is twenty-one years older than the home planet
  • Star Corps (The Legacy Trilogy, #1)

    ·3.86·1,424 Ratings
    In the future,earth's warriors haveconquered the heavens.But on a distant world,Humanity is in chains ...Many millennia ago, the human race was enslaved by the An -- a fearsome alien people whose cruel empire once spanned the galaxies, until they were def
  • Semper Mars (Heritage Trilogy, #1)

    ·3.81·1,948 Ratings
    The Year is 2040.The Marines have landed on Mars to guard the unearthed secrets of an ancient and dangerous alien race: Ourselves.Scientists have discovered something astonishing in the subterranean ruins of a sprawling Martian city: startling evidence of
  • Star Marines (The Legacy Trilogy, #3)

    ·3.92·877 Ratings
    With the planet's fighting men and women deployed across the galaxy—battling in the noble cause of enslaved humanity—the insidious Xul have reached across space to devastate the unsuspecting Earth with asteroid fire. Without warning, a once majestic w
  • Europa Strike (Heritage Trilogy, #3)

    ·3.9·1,162 Ratings
    2040: Ruins of ancient civilization uncovered on Mars reveal startling truths about the creation of humankind.2042: In the gray dust of the Earth's Moon, an extinct enslaving race left behind more answers, more questions...and a grim warning.2067: As Eart
  • Star Strike (Inheritance Trilogy, #1)

    ·3.81·1,129 Ratings
    Planet by planet, galaxy by galaxy, the inhabited universe has fallen to the alien Xul.Now only one obstacle stands between them and total domination: the warriors of a resilient race the world-devourers nearly annihilated centuries ago . . .A power vast,
  • Abyss Deep (Star Corpsman, #2)

    ·3.97·281 Ratings
    New York Times bestselling author Ian Douglas's virtuosic Star Corpsman series proves one thing: The Marines are still the toughest sons of guns in the galaxy.As Bravo Company defuses a hostage crisis on an orbiting mining station, Navy Corpsman Elliot "
  • Dark Matter (Star Carrier, #5)

    ·3.94·833 Ratings
    An enemy might just have to become an ally . . . in order to save humankind The United States of North America is now engaged in a civil war with the Earth Confederation, which wants to yield to the demands of the alien Sh'daar, limit human technology, an
  • Jackers (Warstrider #3)

    ·3.89·328 Ratings
    FUTURE UNCERTAIN — Once he was the gaijin champion of a cruel and oppressive Empire. Now Dev Cameron is a military commander for the rebellious, newborn Confederation -- and at tentative peace with the galaxy's all-powerful rulers. — But treachery has
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