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H.G. Widdowson

H.G. Widdowson

·3.78·2,107 Ratings
“ Be who you needed when you were younger. ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • Phonetics

    ·4.12·57 Ratings
    Phonetics is an essential part of linguistics, as it is through analysing spoken language that linguistic data is collected. This book leads the reader through the main areas of phonetics, including how speech sounds are made and how phoneticians classify
  • Sociolinguistics

    ·3.71·119 Ratings
    Sociolinguistics is the study of the different ways in which various groups of people use language. This book provides a brief yet comprehensive introduction to the field. It explores how sociolinguistics is linked to other disciplines such as history, po
  • Syllabus Design

    ·3.89·75 Ratings
    Syllabus Design demonstrates, in a practical way, the principles involved in planning and designing an effective syllabus. It examines important concepts such as needs analysis, goal-setting, and content specification, and serves as an excellent introduct
  • Second Language Acquisition

    ·3.84·207 Ratings
    In the age of the global village and the world wide web, understanding the way in which people learn languages is of ever increasing importance. This book makes the essentials of this rapidly expanding area of study accessible to readers encountering it f
  • And All for Love...

    ·3.33·63 Ratings
    What sad, appalling, and surprising things people do in the name of love and for the sake of love. These short stories give us love won and love lost, love revenged, love thrown away, love in triumph, love in despair. It might be love between men and wome
  • Applied Linguistics

    ·3.78·142 Ratings
    Applied Linguistics investigates real-world problems involving language. As such it has the difficult task of mediating between academic expertise and lived experience, attempting to reconcile opposed interests and perspectives. This clearly written intro
  • Language and Culture

    ·3.81·110 Ratings
    Recent social and political changes have focused attention on the debate about the relationship between language and culture. This book offers an accessible survey of key concepts such as social context and cultural authenticity, using insights from field
  • Linguistics

    ·3.71·94 Ratings
    This is an introduction to linguistics, the study of human language. The author provides a succinct but lucid outline of the ways in which language has been defined, described, and explored, and guides readers towards further exploration of their own.
  • A Window on the Universe

    ·3.74·102 Ratings
    What does the future hold in store for the human race? Aliens from distant galaxies, telepathic horror, interstellar war, time-warps, the shriek of a rose, collision with an asteroid - the unknown lies around every corner, and the universe is a big place.
  • From the Cradle to the Grave

    ·3.55·146 Ratings
    These stories explore the trials of life from youth to old age: the idealism of young people, the stresses of marriage, the anxieties of parenthood, and the loneliness and fears of older people. The wide variety of writing styles includes black humour, sa
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