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David VanDyke

David VanDyke

·4.02·17,467 Ratings
“ If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough. ” ― Wes Jackson
Authors' Books
  • The Orion Plague (Plague Wars, #8)

    ·4.14·127 Ratings
    Guns blazing, Master Sergeant Jill Repeth and her team search the nuclear wasteland for her kidnapped fiancé, while Spooky Nguyen prepares Earth’s first-ever Space Marines for duty aboard the experimental battleship Orion. But even commanded by the leg
  • The Eden Plague (Plague Wars, #0)

    ·3.75·572 Ratings
    Military combat sci-fi apocalypse techno-thriller PREQUEL.Rule#1: Try not to shoot your future wife.Veteran combat medic Daniel Markis reacts on instinct against armed invaders in his home. Who is the man he kills, the woman he shoots, and what is the Ede
  • Desolator (Stellar Conquest, #2)

    ·4.18·329 Ratings
    When an enormous and potent alien ship appears in the colony system of Gliese 370, EarthFleet must investigate. What they find within will change the course of humanity's future yet again, as they face Desolator. The risks are high and so is the price - a
  • Exile (Star Force, #11)

    ·4.21·1,407 Ratings
    Lost and cut off from Earth, the crew of the starship Valiant seeks a way home. In the eleventh book of the Star Force series Cody Riggs collides with the overwhelming power of the Ancients. They fly incomprehensible ships and consider humans to be curios
  • The Demon Plagues (Plague Wars, #6)

    ·3.98·503 Ratings
    Ten years after Infection Day, DJ Markis struggles to unite a shattered world in the face of nuclear attack and extraterrestrial plagues, while others grasp for power and dark technologies. Skull mounts a one-man campaign to thwart the fascist Unionists,
  • The Reaper Plague (Plague Wars, #7)

    ·4.05·428 Ratings
    With a homicidal alien spacecraft inbound at high speed, Skull and Raphaela fly to meet it in a desperate bid to buy time for the Earth. In the meantime Brigadier Spooky Nguyen presses to build the world's first space battleship while Colonel Muzik and Ma
  • Cyborg Strike (Plague Wars, #9)

    ·4.08·275 Ratings
    A post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller. Cyborgs, genetic engineering, and military action.Under the threat of impending alien invasion, when the Professor and the rogue Septagon Shadow cyborg program surface in Russia, the world has a problem. When they seize
  • Planetary Assault (Star Force Series)

    ·3.98·226 Ratings
    Three novellas of future combat in one volume by the masters of military SF. Each tells the story of a planetary invasion by men on a do-or-die mission. "An Army of One" by B. V. Larson (a novella in the Star Force series) – One man attempts to stay neu
  • Eight The Hard Way

    ·3.44·1,111 Ratings
    Eight thrilling stories from eight masters of suspense. Inside this anthology you'll find a mix of classic mystery and suspense, full-blown action, and blood-curdling suspense. There are tales of vengeance and redemption, good versus evil, and more than a
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