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Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike

·3.88·253,115 Ratings
“ And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Creatures of Forever (The Last Vampire, #6)

    ·3.93·2,767 Ratings
    Alisa has fought every battle, against evil, against hate, and even against death itself. Now she nears the end of her incredibly long life and another unexpected force emerges to destroy her, or perhaps save her. But this force... is unlike anything she
  • Creature in the Teacher (Spooksville, #13)

    ·3.64·187 Ratings
    School has finally started in Spooksville. For Adam and his friends the first day is disturbing. Their science teacher seems to be an alien monster! He is some weird kind of reptillian creature from another planet. A creature who not only grades hard, but
  • The Howling Ghost (Spooksville, #2)

    ·3.82·394 Ratings
    Cindy is playing by the ocean with her younger brother, Neil, when a ghost appears out of nowhere and grabs Neil and takes him away. Cindy tries to tell people what happened, but everyone assumes the boy must have drowned. Cindy is left heartbroken, with
  • The Wishing Stone (Spooksville, #9)

    ·3.83·284 Ratings
    While hiking in the woods around Spooksville, Adam and his friends find a cube-shaped stone. It is clear, like a crystal, and seems to shine with colored light. To their immense surprise, the discover that if they hodl it and make a wish for something, th
  • The Wicked Cat (Spooksville, #10)

    ·3.87·243 Ratings
    It seemed like a normal cat -- at first. Adam and his friends are exploring the area around Spooksville when they come across a black cat. It seems like a friendly animal: it purrs when they rub its back, and licks its paws like any other cat.But then if
  • Time Terror (Spooksville, #16)

    ·3.96·179 Ratings
    Adam and his friends have found a strange toy. It is like a windup clock, and also a scary doll. While playing with it, they suddenly find themselves in another land, in a different time. Pretty soon they are having all kinds of exciting adventures. But w
  • Invasion of the No-Ones (Spooksville, #15)

    ·3.77·148 Ratings
    Mysterious balls of light are circling Spooksville, and one of them zaps Adam--invading his mind. Worse yet, the balls of light are slowly moving toward town, preparing to turn everyone into strange alien creatures.
  • The Return (Remember Me, #2)

    ·3.68·2,810 Ratings
    Pike brings readers the terrifying sequel to his most popular novel (nearly 650,000 copies in print). Shari Cooper, victim of a murderous attack, is given a rare offer: to return to Earth, into the body of a depressed teenage girl, to become a Wanderer. S
  • Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror: Volume 2

    ·3.84·320 Ratings
    The Tears of Teresa: A married couple is kidnapped late one night and drive at gunpoint across the desert. Their assailant promises them pain and death. He says he has his reasons.The Burning Witch: Marvin Summer, world-famous horror writer, is asked by a
  • Weekend

    ·3.7·2,581 Ratings
    A brief vacation trip to a beautiful oceanside mansion in Mexico is turned into a nightmare by a mysterious plot for revenge.
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