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Cheryl Holt

Cheryl Holt

·3.79·11,330 Ratings
“ Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Love Lessons

    ·3.77·419 Ratings
    A resolute spinster at twenty-five, Abigail Weston is nonetheless determined to see her cherished younger sister wed to a man of Quality. But Abigail's lack of experience with the opposite sex means that she cannot allay her sister's fears about the marri
  • Burning Up: Four Novellas of Erotic Romance

    ·3.76·143 Ratings
    Four of today’s most extraordinary authors have come together to collect their most highly charged tales of passion, longing, and unexpected pleasure---all in one volume! From historical England to the present, this sexy and seductive collection of stor
  • My Only Love

    ·3.78·260 Ratings
    Maggie Brown's encounter with a stranger after her mother's death was a fleeting experience. Having left her with only memories all seemed hopeless. Then one day, by chance, she was reunited with the man who gave her his heart, but not his name.
  • Too Wicked to Wed

    ·3.58·285 Ratings
    No other writer delivers romance as sensual and compelling as Cheryl Holt, the Queen of Erotic Romance. Now, in her most seductive novel to date, she presents an unforgettable story of mismatched lovers--and a breathtaking passion that defies every rule
  • Mountain Dreams

    ·3.7·106 Ratings
    The moment country western star Harley "Beau" Beaudine lays eyes on Allison Masters, he can see exactly what she needs—sex, and lots of it. Drawn to the passion bubbling beneath Allison's uptight exterior, Beau is more than willing to help her unleash t
  • The Way of the Heart

    ·3.58·240 Ratings
    SHE NEEDED A HUSBANDClever, independent Jane Fitzsimmons' true passion is to run her father's ship building empire. And yet, to claim this dream, she must first marry. Five suitable candidates are vying for her large dowry, but only one challenges her wit
  • Further Than Passion

    ·3.57·263 Ratings
    Kate Duncan agrees to help her young cousin land a husband though she draws the line when she learns the foolish girl wants to use an apothecary's love potion to snag the notorious Marcus Pelham! To prove the elixir a fake, Kate drinks it herself-and expe
  • More Than Seduction

    ·3.68·191 Ratings
    Mrs. Anne Smythe's Healing Spa and Bathing Emporium is a haven for fashionable women who believe the waters have aphrodisiac properties. Yet the prim proprietress never thinks of testing that theory-until grievously injured Captain Stephen Chamberlin is d
  • Too Tempting to Touch

    ·3.56·190 Ratings
    Ellen Drake has seen firsthand how dangerous scandal can be. Her family was torn apart by an unjust accusation ten years ago, and now, working as a paid companion, Ellen must keep her reputation above reproach. Catching her employer's betrothed in a sizzl
  • Too Hot to Handle

    ·3.46·201 Ratings
    Emily Barnett is happy to be who she is: a country-bred old maid at 26, with a blind sister and niece to care for. But her pompous, stuffy cousin Reginald wants her to also be his wife--he inherited her family home and needs her dowry to run it properly.
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