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  • Political Theologies

    811 Pages·2007·8.48 MB·4,929 Downloads
    ''On the Prepolitical Moral Foundations of a Free Republic,'' by Pope Political theologies : public religions in a pos  ...
  • Advanced Business Law

    492 Pages·2015·3.72 MB·3,710 Downloads
    enactment of many Texas business entity and other statutes. He is also a member of the American Law. Institute. Publica  ...
  • business law

    514 Pages·2012·4.84 MB·3,265 Downloads
    Ewan MacIntyre third edition essentials of business law. MacIntyre third The Business Law MyTest testbank can be used  ...
  • the criminal law digest the criminal law digest

    864 Pages·2001·4.87 MB·3,263 Downloads
    The Criminal Law Digest was originally envisioned as a ready reference includes a discussion of the caselaw and statut  ...
  • Patent Law

    253 Pages·2013·2.57 MB·2,795 Downloads
    The Federal Circuit's decision is sweeping in that it represents a shift away .. Sliding scale – pick your base and  ...
  • Feminist Perspectives on Political Geography

    328 Pages·2012·2.27 MB·2,331 Downloads
    Perspectives on Political Geography is an attempt to recognize the breadth what a specifically feminist political geog  ...

    355 Pages·2004·10.73 MB·2,162 Downloads
    ON ARISTOTLE'S POLITICS. BOOK I. 1. 1. &tr8$ s&as IrdhlV K.T.X.. The order of the first paragraph is disturbed by the r  ...
  • Trademark Law

    268 Pages·2015·1.99 MB·2,267 Downloads
    37 C.F.R. PART 2-RULES OF PRACTICE IN TRADEMARK CASES. RULES .. Power of court over registration; certification of decr  ...
  • islam, politics and change

    334 Pages·2015·3.42 MB·2,257 Downloads
    e-isbn 978 94 0060 231 1 (e-pdf) e-isbn 978 94 Part 1: Islamic Political Parties and Socio-Religious . _ForUpload_0.pd  ...
  • After Politics

    264 Pages·2000·1.19 MB·1,953 Downloads
    Politics and the Limits of Pluralism. 79. Introduction. 79 .. contemporary liberalism centres on value-pluralism.12 The  ...
  • oil & gas environmental law

    375 Pages·2011·4.68 MB·2,272 Downloads
    Thunderhead Transcontinental Gas Pipeline v. Gault .. capillary forces pulled the salts to the surface, or worse the f  ...
  • Politics of Protection

    383 Pages·2011·4.31 MB·1,551 Downloads
    important to have a common “chapeau,” an umbrella under which differ- ent organizations can develop their own defin  ...
  • Law of War Handbook 2005

    306 Pages·2007·9.75 MB·1,593 Downloads
    LAW OF WAR HANDBOOK (2005) MAJ Keith E. Puls Editor 'Contributing Authors Maj Derek Grimes, USAF Lt Col Thomas Hamilton,  ...
  • Federal Criminal Law

    810 Pages·2008·4.17 MB·1,569 Downloads Creative Commons Supplement Series. United States of America, U.S. CODE TITLE 18: CRIMES AND CRIMI  ...
  • Nursing Law and Ethics

    318 Pages·2005·2.43 MB·1,772 Downloads
    2 The Ethical Dimension: Nursing Practice, Nursing Philosophy and Nursing Ethics . This book is distinctive because it  ...
  • The Politics of Intervention

    326 Pages·2006·13.05 MB·1,725 Downloads
    tember, 1906, as the result of an insurrection in Cuba, Theodore. Roosevelt, citing result of the war Cuban political  ...
  • Publics, Politics and Participation

    497 Pages·2010·3.13 MB·1,520 Downloads
    Publics, Politics and Participation. Locating the Public Sphere in the Middle East and North Africa. Edited by Seteney  ...
  • The Global Politics of Energy

    255 Pages·2008·1.58 MB·1,236 Downloads
    Global Economy & Development. The Brookings Institution . FOcuSiNG tHe eNerGy ScOpe: reGiONal OutlOOkS . space, a multi  ...
  • Medieval Law and the Foundations of the State

    402 Pages·2004·1.53 MB·1,255 Downloads
    shown how a man becomes a royal 'antrustion' and has allotted to him the appropriate wergild which must be paid for his  ...
  • The Law of the Future and the Future of Law: Volume II - FICHL

    528 Pages·2012·5.2 MB·1,319 Downloads
    Oct 31, 2012 This and other books in the Law of the Future Series may be openly the challenges connected with law's f  ...
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