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  • Politics of Nature: How to Bring the Sciences into Democracy

    320 Pages·2004·995 KB·6,889 Downloads
    Catherine Porter. HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS . Contribution of the Professions to the Procedures of the Houses 136. The W  ...
  • Ralph Vince - Portfolio Mathematics

    449 Pages·2007·4.77 MB·3,367 Downloads
    Stock Markets (1990), The Mathematics of Money Management: Risk Analysis Techniques for Traders (1992), and The New Mon  ...
  • Chemistry, Third edition

    479 Pages·2007·11.83 MB·13,142 Downloads
    1.4 Errors in experiments. 6. 1.5 Reporting . Much of the material will be suitable also for other chemistry students,  ...
  • The Physics of Wall Street

    291 Pages·2012·1.75 MB·3,648 Downloads
    economics, from options pricing to bubbles. But models of science. e solution, however, is not to give up on models; i  ...
  • Instant Notes: Analytical Chemistry

    353 Pages·2005·2.2 MB·5,490 Downloads
    The INSTANT NOTES Chemistry series Consulting editor: Howard Stanbury Analytical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry analytic  ...
  • The Biology and Culture of Tilapias

    429 Pages·2004·8.73 MB·2,855 Downloads
    tance as food fish because of their high palatability and history of use from inland fisheries The conference did not  ...
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils

    556 Pages·2005·8.86 MB·5,455 Downloads
    THE CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS. Specific gravity. 0'856 at 16°. Optical rotation. - 72° 14'. Saponification value. 5  ...
  • Thermodynamics and Chemistry - University of Maryland

    532 Pages·2015·8.7 MB·3,104 Downloads
    Thermodynamics and Chemistry Second Edition Version 7a, December 2015 Howard DeVoe Associate Professor of Chemistry Emer  ...
  • Cliffs AP Chemistry, 3rd Edition

    419 Pages·2001·2.68 MB·4,504 Downloads
    Gary S. Thorpe has taught AP Chemistry and gifted programs .. Experiment 8: Determination of Concentration by Oxidatio  ...
  • 1000 Solved Problems in Modern Physics - - Get a

    651 Pages·2010·7.44 MB·6,796 Downloads
    Preface This book is targeted mainly to the undergraduate students of USA, UK and other Europeancountries,andtheM.ScofAs  ...
  • Mathematics for theoretical physics

    768 Pages·2016·5.26 MB·6,010 Downloads
    Sep 25, 2012 in mathematic or physics. The specificities of this book are : - it is self contained : any definition or  ...
  • Mathematics and Economics

    268 Pages·2011·2.03 MB·8,297 Downloads·French
    et in niment clairvoyants. La premi ere hypoth ese peut ^etre admise dans une premi ere approximation, mais la deuxi eme  ...
  • Determinants and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics

    393 Pages·2004·1.66 MB·3,941 Downloads
    Applications to the Solutions of Certain Nonlinear Equations of Mathe- the most excellent construction and typing of a  ...
  • Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design

    338 Pages·2015·4.02 MB·3,230 Downloads
    completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design / ed  ...
  • The chemistry and technology of paints

    404 Pages·2015·20.43 MB·3,826 Downloads
    science and technology of modern paints, so that in a very short time the production of new pigments, oils and special  ...
  • Biology and Marine Biology

    567 Pages·2014·9.72 MB·3,897 Downloads
    The Department of Biology and Marine Biology contributes importantly to the graduate programs that convey a rigorous a  ...
  • Organic Chemistry

    84 Pages·2012·518 KB·2,894 Downloads
    4 nitration. SO. 3. /H. 2. SO. 4 sulfonation. Br. 2. /FeBr. 3 halogenation. CH. 3 ( CH. 3. ) 3. CCl/AlCl. 3. F-C alkyla  ...
  • Computational Chemistry

    681 Pages·2014·6.88 MB·2,802 Downloads
    computational chemistry suitable for a fairly general chemical audience; I hope it reading the literature and to start  ...
  • Wine Chemistry and Biochemistry

    728 Pages·2008·15.83 MB·4,281 Downloads
    The authors, invited by M.C. Polo and M.V. Moreno-Arribas to write this book, are recognized in their own field for the  ...
  • Mathematics for Physics: A guided tour for graduate students

    919 Pages·2012·5.27 MB·4,119 Downloads
    marily physics students but also some from other branches of the physical .. iv) Catenary: Find the form of a hanging h  ...
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