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Brandy L. Rivers

Brandy L. Rivers

·4.14·12,593 Ratings
“ Why complain about yesterday, when you can make a better tomorrow by making the most of today? ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • New Beginnings (Others of Edenton, #0.5)

    ·3.86·417 Ratings
    Librarian's Note: This is an alternate cover for ASIN B00DZPZBB018+ Jess knew her life would never move forward if she remained a part of Gregory’s pack. Some Alpha’s just don’t know how to take care of their wolves. She had managed Gregory’s bar
  • Fated Love (Others of Edenton, #2.5)

    ·4.15·114 Ratings
    Does knowing what’s coming ever really help?Christian asks this question every single day. He knows he’s meant for one woman, but that doesn’t make telling Delilah easier.Delilah knows what she wants, but doesn’t understand why Christian never ask
  • Heart on Fire

    ·3.81·511 Ratings
    One night to be someone else.Mila Day had plans. When her lover demands she give up her dreams to be a trophy wife, she leaves. Wanting to forget the wasted years, she ends up at a party in the next state, craving one wild night of abandon. It was exactly
  • Mending Scars (Others of Edenton, #5)

    ·4.37·158 Ratings
    Some scars run soul deep. Preston finally knows what he wants, but it’s an uphill battle to win her confidence. Dacia has been hurt countless times, including by his own hand. Despite her accusations, he wants what’s best for her. Dacia struggles with
  • Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle, #3)

    ·4.48·102 Ratings
    Accept fate, or it destroys you...Michael Nights hides his true nature. To protect his first love, his magic broke free, terrifying Amanda so badly she left. That day convinced him he was the monster she claimed. Horrified by the damage he could cause, he
  • Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton, #1.5)

    ·4.13·163 Ratings
    +18 novelette Amethyst Lakes is a nymph with a problem. She left her ex-boyfriend when he started to smother her. Nothing she says seems to keep him away. Carl needs Amethyst more than he needs to breathe, but she just doesn't get it. He'll stop at nothin
  • Falling into Place (Others of Edenton, #3)

    ·4.32·353 Ratings
    18+ Adult themes Robert would have done anything for Liz, even let her go when she claimed she needed to be alone. With his life in shambles, he dove into his work as a Silver Council enforcer.Liz never fit in, but to protect her first love, she walked aw
  • All Our Love: A Collection of Stories That Speak to the Heart

    ·4.47·68 Ratings
    Love stories.Moments that make your heart flutter. Scenes that have you holding your breath. Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessed.This is a collection of stories that center on matters of the heart, overwhelming feelings o
  • Shadows of the Past (Others of Edenton, #2)

    ·4.21·224 Ratings
    Haunted by memories of her past, Amethyst Lakes left her home to come to Edenton. She was ready to start a new life on her own after being stalked relentlessly.Hayden Hunter is too busy being Sheriff to take interest in a woman.That is until his officer d
  • Nights Embrace (Others of Seattle, #1)

    ·4.06·147 Ratings
    18+It all started with a song.Roxana Nights was late to another gig, thanks to her first love, and drummer. It’s been years since she left Jordan, but he won’t let her go. Then she hears a voice that pulls her under a spell and changes her whole world
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