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Andrew Klavan

Andrew Klavan

·4.02·25,363 Ratings
“ Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ” ― Unknown
Authors' Books
  • The Animal Hour

    ·3.36·146 Ratings
    Voices invade a young woman’s head, compelling her to killWhen Nancy Kincaid comes into work, an unfamiliar woman tells her to leave. This is Nancy Kincaid’s office, the woman says, but you are not Nancy Kincaid. As Nancy protests, her memory grows fu
  • True Crime

    ·3.9·686 Ratings
  • Hunting Down Amanda

    ·3.54·208 Ratings
  • Man and Wife

    ·3.46·188 Ratings
    Cal Bradley's marriage is the stuff of romance. For fifteen years, he has shared his life with Marie, a woman he passionately adores. In an idyllic corner of New England that has been home to his family for generations, Cal has become one of the most resp
  • Damnation Street (Weiss & Bishop, #3)

    ·3.72·176 Ratings
    They are two sworn enemies with a single obsession: a woman on the run from them both.  Scott Weiss is a private detective. John Foy is a profes­sional killer. The woman is Julie Wyant, a hooker with the face of an angel. Julie spent one night with Foy
  • Dynamite Road (Weiss & Bishop, #1)

    ·3.6·203 Ratings
    Jim Bishop is a hard man, as cold as the wind off the water and tough to the point of brutality. Scott Weiss is Bishop's boss, a world-weary ex-cop who runs a private detective agency out of a concrete tower in the heart of San Francisco. In this powerful
  • Don't Say a Word

    ·3.68·536 Ratings
    They're watching.They've wiretapped the apartment.They've got their daughter.They told them they'd hurt her if they spoke about it.They told them, "Don't say a word . . ."Or else . . .
  • Shotgun Alley (Weiss & Bishop, #2)

    ·3.77·155 Ratings
    Honey is the vivacious, seventeen-year-old daughter of a politician running for state senate and eventually (he hopes) the presidency. But his sweet little girl has a penchant for drug dealers, mad-dog bikers, booze, sex, crank, and guns. She’s run off
  • Guilty as Charged

    ·3.76·146 Ratings
    New York Times bestselling author Scott Turow edits this collection of stories that delivers gripping drama and masterfully pays homage to today's gritty legal thrillers. This book also includes an introduction by Turow, as its team of top-notch authors t
  • The Uncanny

    ·3.19·267 Ratings
    Richard Storm is passionate, hot-blooded, and running out of time.  Sophia Endering is cool, beautiful, and haunted by a centuries-old mystery.  Now the Hollywood filmmaker and the troubled young woman have come together in a race against the unbeliev
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