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Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster

·3.82·191,232 Ratings
“ Knock, And He'll open the door. Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun. Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Patrimony (Pip & Flinx #13)

    ·3.84·833 Ratings
    In this new Pip & Flinx thriller, Alan Dean Foster displays the brilliance that has made him one of the brightest lights in science fiction. In Patrimony, fans will learn more about their favorite redhead–with emerald eyes, uncanny powers, and a poi
  • The Paths of the Perambulator (Spellsinger, #5)

    ·3.77·2,196 Ratings
    There goes the neighborhood! Nobody wants to be around when a freak of supernature called a Perambulator enters the world, bringing with it some really weird shifts in the fabric of suddenly turning Jon-Tom into a giant blue crab, or Mudg
  • Mad Amos

    ·3.84·217 Ratings
    MOVE OVER, PAUL BUNYAN--MAKE WAY FOR MAD AMOS MALONE!Strange things lurk up in the mountains and out in the plains and deserts of the West, but few are as unique as the giant mountain man named Amos Malone, the man some call Mad Amos, though not to his fa
  • Midworld (Humanx Commonwealth, #4)

    ·3.93·1,562 Ratings
    Born was a child of the rain forest that covered Midworld, part of the primitive society that the peaceful jungle planet had sustained for hundreds of years. He was wise in the ways of his world, and he knew well the precarious natural balance that govern
  • Cyber Way

    ·3.54·606 Ratings
    Detective Vernon Moody is known for his logical, thorough police work. But heis scared, because what started out as a routine murder investigation may endup uncovering the very nature of reality--or destroying it forever!
  • A Call to Arms (The Damned, #1)

    ·3.79·1,302 Ratings
    For eons, the Amplitur had searched space for intelligent species, each of which was joyously welcomed to take part in the fulfillment of the Amplitur Purpose. Whether it wanted to or not. When the Amplitur and their allies stumbled upon the races called
  • Carnivores of Light and Darkness (Journeys of the Catechist, #1)

    ·3.75·459 Ratings
    Part I of a major new fantasy trilogy.
  • The Black Hole

    ·3.48·1,276 Ratings
    Novelization of the Walt Disney film
  • Kingdoms of Light

    ·3.83·214 Ratings
    The pastoral, once pristine kingdom of the Gowdlands lies crushed, conquered by the ghastly monsters of the Totumakk Horde and the diabolic Khaxan Mundurucu. A clan of sadistic goblin-warlocks who combine their powers to wield unimaginable necromancies, t
  • Tar-Aiym Krang / Orphan Star (Pip & Flinx #1,3)

    ·4.27·216 Ratings
    Phillip Lynx - Flinx for short - is a telepathic ex-slave with a knack for getting into sticky situations. Pip, his companion, is a venom-spitting flying snake. Together, this dynamic duo find themselves protecting a brilliant scientist from assassins, cr
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