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A.L. Kennedy

A.L. Kennedy

·3.5·6,471 Ratings
“ Nothing in nature is unbeautiful. ” ― Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Authors' Books
  • On Bullfighting

    ·3.59·177 Ratings
    An Anchor Books OriginalOne day, on the brink of despair and contemplating her own mortality, novelist A. L. Kennedy is offered an assignment she can’t refuse–an opportunity to travel to Spain and cover a sport that represents the ultimate confrontati
  • Indelible Acts

    ·3.58·139 Ratings
    The love story (as well as the story of love lost, obsessed over, or longed for) gets a complete and thrilling renovation at the hands of the most virtuosic literary stylist to appear in the British Isles since Jeanette Winterson. A. L. Kennedy’s men an
  • Paradise

    ·3.71·373 Ratings
    Hannah Luckraft sells cardboard boxes for a living. Her family is so frustrated by her behavior they can barely stand to keep in touch with her. Each day is fueled by the promise of annihilation, the promise of a reprieve, the paradise that can only be fo
  • Everything You Need

    ·3.81·354 Ratings
  • Looking for the Possible Dance

    ·3.5·156 Ratings
    A first novel which dissects the intricate difficulties of human relationships, from a Scotswoman's passionate attachment to her father and her more problematic involvement with her lover, to the wider social relations between pupil and teacher, employer
  • So I Am Glad

    ·3.6·268 Ratings
    The ferociously talented author of Original Bliss and On Bullfighting offers this haunting tale of two forlorn people who find in each other a hope and love as genuine and original as this marvelous book in which they come to life. M. Jennifer M. Wilson h
  • Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains

    ·3.91·129 Ratings
    The heroes and heroines of Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains, A. L. Kennedy's first collection of stories, are small people - the kind who inhabit the silence in libraries, who never appear on screen and who never make the headlines. Often alone an
  • Original Bliss

    ·3.65·309 Ratings
    Emotionally numb, crippled with insomnia, and caught in a frightening, abusive marriage, Helen Brindle believes that God has recently left her. She spends her days performing banal domestic chores in front of a blaring television. On the BBC one day she w
  • Now That You're Back

    ·3.66·195 Ratings
    Exposing and exploring the sinuous undercurrents of violence, anguish and love, A.L. Kennedy examines the nature of the individual, both in isolation and society, as characters define and deny their chosen identities. While showing us the unlikeliness of
  • Day

    ·3.44·387 Ratings
    Alfred Day wanted his war. In its turmoil he found his proper purpose as the tail-gunner in a Lancaster bomber; he found the wild, dark fellowship of his crew, and - most extraordinary of all - he found Joyce, a woman to love. But that's all gone now - th
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