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Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter

2006 ·
·3.98·1,043 Ratings ·176 Pages
“ No matter how you feel: Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, and Never Give Up! ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • Watchdog and the Coyotes

    ·4.09·362 Ratings
    Some dogs have a bark bigger than their bite. But Sweetie, The Great Dane, can't afford to bark -- or bite. After three little nips and three masters, the next stop is the pound. So when the burglar comes calling, he waves his tail. When coyotes come prow
  • Goosed!

    ·3.82·274 Ratings
    One dog too many T.P. is Jeff's dog. Jeff is T.P.'s boy. That's the way T.P. likes it. Life is pretty good -- until a stinky, thumping, yapping box turns up at the front door. Jeff's friend Mandy has given Jeff a chocolate Lab puppy. They name her Mocha,
  • Ferret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge

    ·3.9·291 Ratings
    Liz's house is like a zoo. Thanks to her dad, a zoologist, there are turtles in the kitchen, an ibex in the backyard, a hawk in the shed, a sun porch full of lizards—and Fred the ferret. Liz has had enough! At school, her nickname is Lizard. Her classma
  • The Biggest Klutz in Fifth Grade

    ·3.92·194 Ratings
    Neal Moffet had called me "Fat Pat Berry, the Twinkletoes Fairy" one time too many. And when he started going on about what a klutz I was just because a flying tackle got me stuck under a chain-link fence...well, something snapped. So when he bet me I cou
  • Beauty

    ·4.28·706 Ratings
    She was an old horse, but she could still run like a champ. Grampa warned him to be careful with Beauty, but Luke didn't listen. He'd told her all about his hopes, dreams, and fears-- secrets Beauty would never reveal. She was his pal, who went skinny dip
  • Totally Disgusting

    ·3.96·444 Ratings
    Whoever heard of a name like Mewkiss! Ugh! How can a "Mewkiss" be brave? Why couldn't my Jessica call me "fearless" or "Ratkiller"? And why do I have to share a tub with a barky puppy named Barkus?Actually... its nice to have somebody to cuddle up to. My
  • Snot Stew

    ·4·1,009 Ratings
    It's not easy being a kitten. Don't get me wrong. I love being scratched behind the ears, chasing Butch the dog, and eating Mother's stew. My brother Toby and I learned about "people things" when we were adopted by Sarah and Ben. The only problem with kid
  • Upchuck and the Rotten Willy

    ·4.01·484 Ratings
    Okay, so I've told a few rotten dog jokes. So sue me. But we cats have to hang together in a dog-eat-cat world! I can think of a few nasty poodles and a fanged Doberman I'd like to bite right back. But to tell the truth, I'd rather be smart and "scared" t
  • No Dogs Allowed!

    ·3.92·1,746 Ratings
    After losing Dandy, her family's beloved horse, Kristine decides that she will never get close to another pet again. It's just too heartbreaking. So when her father surprises her with a new puppy for her birthday, Kristine is furious! With a new sister on
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