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Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science

Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science

2000 ·
·4.01·1,732 Ratings ·176 Pages
“ Respond to every call that excites your spirit. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations

    ·4.32·312 Ratings
    Physics and Beyond contains Heisenberg’s most sophisticated statements of his philosophy of quantum theory, and is also a watershed inspiration for the contemporary pragmatist philosophy of science that prevails in academia today.
  • The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory

    ·4.03·107 Ratings
    The contributions of few contemporary scientists have been as far reaching in their effects as those of Nobel Laureate Werner Heisenberg. His matrix theory is one of the bases of modern quantum mechanics, while his "uncertainty principle" has altered our
  • Other Worlds: Space, Superspace, and the Quantum Universe

    ·3.94·107 Ratings
    When physicists began exploring the inner workings of the atom, they uncovered a world so weird that it overturned our very concept of reality. When you journey into the quantum universe you enter a world ruled by chance. Commonsense notions of space, tim
  • The Origin of Life

    ·4.11·102 Ratings
    From award-winning science writer Paul Davies, The Origin of Life reveals the remarkable new theories set to transform the understanding of our place in the universe.Is life written into the laws of nature, or just a bizarre accident, unique in the univer
  • How to Build a Time Machine

    ·3.81·791 Ratings
    With his unique knack for making cutting-edge theoretical science effortlessly accessible, world-renowned physicist Paul Davies now tackles an issue that has boggled minds for centuries: Is time travel possible? The answer, insists Davies, is definitely y
  • Superstrings: A Theory of Everything?

    ·3.63·73 Ratings
    Geared to the layperson, a clear, concise, non-mathematical explanation of the Theory of Everything and its profound implications is followed by transcripts of interviews with most of the physicists involved in its development.
  • The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life

    ·3.97·286 Ratings
    Are We Alone in the Universe? In this provocative and far-reaching book, internationally acclaimed physicist and writer Paul Davies confronts one of science's great outstanding mysteries -- the origin of life. Three and a half billion years ago, Mars re
  • God and the New Physics

    ·3.99·917 Ratings
    How did the universe begin and how will it end? What is matter? What is mind, and can it survive death? What are time and space, and how do they relate to ideas about God? Is the order of the universe the result of accident or design? The most profound a
  • The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics

    ·4.03·139 Ratings
    Nine distinguished physicists consider the conceptual foundations of quantum physics, its paradoxes, and its profound implications for the theory of nature. The text is based on a BBC radio documentary and includes interviews with several scientists who h
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