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Froggy Eats Out

Froggy Eats Out

2003 ·
·3.86·608 Ratings ·32 Pages
“ No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • Froggy Goes to the Doctor

    ·4.04·730 Ratings
    Froggy is going to the doctor for a checkup, and he?s feeling a little nervous. ?What if the doctor wants to give me a shot?? he thinks. He worries as he dresses and then he can?t sit still in the waiting room. Finally, it?s time to go in and change for h
  • Froggy Goes to Bed

    ·4·895 Ratings
    It's time for bed! Not if Froggy has his way! Even after a long day of playing, Froggy's still not tired. His bath is ready, but first Froggy has to find his boat. And where are his pajamas? And how did his toothbrush get into the cookie jar? Oh, Frrooggy
  • Froggy's Sleepover

    ·3.99·671 Ratings
    Froggy is sleeping over at Max’s house for the first time! He packs his sleeping bag, his pillow, his pajamas, and even his toothbrush. Now, he’s ready to flop flop flop off to Max’s house. But then Froggy decides it would be a good idea to go back
  • Froggy Rides a Bike

    ·4.04·721 Ratings
    Froggy just got his very first bike, and it’s exactly what he wanted. Almost. Finishing touches like a bell and a horn have to be added before Froggy is ready to ride. Then, surrounded by cheering friends, Froggy starts to pedal. Oops! He falls off. He
  • Froggy's Baby Sister

    ·3.98·463 Ratings
    Froggy's parents are expecting a new baby, and Froggy is hoping for a brother. So when his parents introduce him to Pollywogilina, his new baby sister, Froggy is disappointed. Not only is she a girl, but Polly is too little to do anything! Froggy isn't ev
  • Froggy Plays T-ball

    ·3.88·318 Ratings
    It’s Froggy’s first day on the T-ball team, and he couldn’t be more excited, with his dad as the coach and his whole family cheering him on. But when Coach Dad tells him to catch some flies out in right field, he takes the advice with his usual gust
  • Froggy Bakes a Cake

    ·3.98·548 Ratings
    It's Froggy's mother's birthday, and Froggy wants to bake her birthday cake all by himself. He gathers the chocolate, the sugar, the eggs, the flour, and pretty soon, Froggy has all the ingredients he needs to make?a big mess! Jonathan London and Frank Re
  • Froggy Plays Soccer

    ·3.93·623 Ratings
    It's the day of the big game, and Froggy is ready. His soccer team is playing the Wild Things for the City Cup. All Froggy has to do is remember the rule: "Head it! Boot it! Knee it! Shoot it! BUT DON'T USE YOUR HANDS!" But Froggy's busy doing cartwheels
  • Froggy Gets Dressed

    ·4.04·8,948 Ratings
    Rambunctious Froggy hops out into the snow for a winter frolic but is called back by his mother to put on some necessary articles of clothing.
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