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Elfquest Graphic Novel 8: Kings of the Broken Wheel

Elfquest Graphic Novel 8: Kings of the Broken Wheel

1994 ·
·4.4·1,099 Ratings ·0 Pages
“ Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. ” ― Anonymous
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    What is it? Where does it come from? Blue Mountain has fallen, Winnowill has been exiled, and all seems quiet in the new Holt. But appearances are deceptive, for Strongbow the Archer's soul is torn by the terrible deed he has done, and little Suntop is to
  • Dreamtime (ElfQuest Reader's Collection, #8a)

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    This volume reprints every episode of the "Dreamtime" story cycle which appeared in a dozen issues of the Elfquest monthly comic book series. After the story told in "Kings of the Broken Wheel", (Elfquest Graphic Novel #8) the Wolfriders went into a deep
  • Elfquest Archives, Vol. 3

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    In 1978, Richard and Wendy Pini self-published Elfquest #1 and introduced audiences around the world to the elfin Wolfriders, trolls, and superstitious humans, all trying to co-exist on the World of Two Moons. Since that first story appeared, millions of
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