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Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia

Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia

2004 ·
·4.29·12,948 Ratings ·64 Pages
“ Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • Amelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist?

    ·3.81·269 Ratings
    When Amelia Bedelia helps out at the school science fair, she finds an exploding volcano, some UFOs, and a mad scientist!
  • Bravo, Amelia Bedelia!

    ·4.34·2,731 Ratings
    When Mrs Rogers sends Amelia Bedelia to the station to pick up the conductor for the school concert, she doesn′t expect her to bring back the train conductor. As usual, Amelia Bedelia has gotten things all mixed up in her latest hilarious adventure.
  • Amelia Bedelia Under Construction

    ·3.95·243 Ratings
    Caution! When Amelia Bedelia takes on a home renovation project, she adds her own funny touches, from sanding the deck with buckets of sand to pulling out the hammers to break ground!
  • Amelia Bedelia 4 Mayor

    ·4.22·1,258 Ratings
    It all starts when Amelia Bedelia frosts the pancakes -- with chocolate frosting. Then, before you can say "irrepressible," Amelia Bedelia is running for the mayor's office. Literally. "A vote for me is a vote for the future," says her opponent. "A vote f
  • Happy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia

    ·4.08·355 Ratings
    Trick or treat! Amelia Bedelia wants to help prepare for the big Halloween party, but how can she follow directions when nothing is as it seems?
  • Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm

    ·4.16·1,292 Ratings
    Amelia Bedelia is helping out at the library!She may not know the difference between a stegosaurus and a thesaurus, but Amelia Bedelia will go to any lengths to make reading fun.Ages 4 – 8
  • Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia

    ·4.22·815 Ratings
    When Mr. Rogers goes for a drive with Amelia Bedelia, he's in for the ride of his life. She does exactly what he tells her –– and that gets them into trouble, but only Amelia Bedelia can make a car trip this much fun!
  • Amelia Bedelia's Masterpiece

    ·4.09·291 Ratings
    At the museum, Amelia Bedelia encounters a man named Art, abstract art, a boy named Drew, and a painting thief.It's enough to make the literal-minded housekeeper's head spin.Will her entire visit be a bust?
  • Amelia Bedelia Talks Turkey

    ·3.8·201 Ratings
    When Amelia Bedelia is put in charge of the school Thanksgiving pageant, things are bound to get a little mixed up. After all, she thinks roles are a type of bread, the dressing room is where the turkey's stuffing goes, and that a cast party happens after
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