Violence Against Women & Child Abuse

Violence against women and children is a serious public health concern, with costs at multiple levels of society. 


Violence against women and children is a serious public health concern, with costs at multiple levels of society. Although violence is a threat to everyone, women and children are particularly susceptible to victimization because they often have fewer rights or lack appropriate means of protection. In some societies certain types of violence are deemed socially or legally acceptable, thereby contributing further to the risk to women and children.


Mental Illness

Psychiatric illness should be identified and treated promptly. Patients with active symptoms should be kept in a protected environment till substantial improvement takes place. Many patients may need life-long protection e.g. those suffering from mental retardation or chronic schizophrenia.


Raise public awareness of the poor conditions, particularly in rural areas.

Restriction on Use of Alcohol

Restriction of alcohol use for those who has mental problems, and have alcohol addiction.

Strengthening the Institution of Marriage

Strong marital bond would act as a deterrent. Sensitize the public to the disadvantages of early and forced child marriages.

Law Enforcement

Efficient and accountable law enforcement machinery at all levels (administration, government, police and judiciary) is needed. Create laws and enforce existing laws that protect women from discrimination and violence, including rape, beatings, verbal abuse, mutilation, torture, “honor” killings and trafficking.

Gender Sensitization

Gender sensitization by parents and teachers is needed regarding the sensitivities and boundaries of man-woman relationships.

Education and Employment

Improvement in quality of education and employment opportunities for youth. Educate community members on their responsibilities under international and national human rights laws. Encourage women to participate in the political process and educate the public about the value of women’s votes. 

Moral and Religious Values

Parents and teachers should strive to infuse good moral and religious values in children and serve as role models.

Population Control

Last, but not the least, If we are sincere we will get the results. Let us all say “No” to violence against women and children.

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Violence Against Women & Child Abuse

Violence against women and children is a serious public health concern, with costs at multiple levels of society. 

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