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Tom Holt

Tom Holt

·3.73·48,365 Ratings
“ Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish. It's necessary. ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • Grailblazers

    ·3.65·714 Ratings
    Fifteen hundred years have passed and the Holy Grail is still missing, presumed ineffable. The knights have dumped the quest and now deliver pizzas, while the sinister financial services of the lost kingdom of Atlantis threatens the universe with fiscal A
  • Falling Sideways

    ·3.6·1,291 Ratings
    From the moment Homo Sapiens descended from the trees, possibly onto their heads, humanity has striven towards civilization. Fire. The Wheel. Running Away from furry things with more teeth than one might reasonably expect—all are testament to man's ulti
  • Tall Stories: Expecting Someone Taller and Ye Gods

    ·3.71·180 Ratings
    Tall Stories is another omnibus containing two of Tom Holt's beloved comic fantasies. In Expecting Someone Taller, all he did was run over a badger—sad, but hardly catastrophic. But it wasn’t Malcolm fisher’s day, for the badger turned out to be no
  • Dead Funny: Flying Dutch and Faust Among Equals

    ·3.84·749 Ratings
    FLYING DUTCH - It's amazing the problems drinking can get you into. One little swig from the wrong bottle and you go from being an ordinary Dutch sea-captain to an unhappy immortal, drifting around the world with your similarly immortal crew. Little does
  • Djinn Rummy

    ·3.63·431 Ratings
    A comic fantasy by the author of Faust Among Equals and Odds and Gods. When Kayaguchiya Integrated Circuits III (Kiss to his friends), a Force 12 genie with an attitude, is released after 14 years of living with two dozen white tablets, there's bound to b
  • The Divine Comedies: Here Comes the Sun - Odds and Gods

    ·3.61·252 Ratings
    HERE COMES THE SUNThe sun rises late, dirty and so badly in need of a service it's a wonder it gets up at all. The moon's going to be scrapped soon and a new one commissioned - but they've been saying that for years ... All is not well with the universe,
  • Meadowland: A Novel of the Viking Discovery of America

    ·3.81·87 Ratings
    In 1037, a senior civil servant of the Byzantine empire faces a tedious journey to Greece, escorting the Army payroll. His only companions are a detachment of the Empire's elite Guard, recruited from Viking Scandinavia. When the wagon sheds a wheel, he pa
  • The Second Tom Holt Omnibus: My Hero - Who's Afraid of Beowulf?

    ·3.8·165 Ratings
    Two fantastic comic fantasies - MY HERO and WHO'S AFRAID OF BEOWULF? - reissued with brilliant new cover style.This omnibus brings together two of Tom Holt's best-loved stories. In My Hero, Jane thinks writing novels is a piece of cake. Until hers starts
  • Lucia Triumphant (Lucia, #8)

    ·4.08·99 Ratings
    In postwar Britain, the quaint town of Tilling is feeling the pull of both the modern world and its Norman past. Elizabeth Mapp-Flint, in yet another bid to wrest power back from her social rival Lucia Pillson-now the town's mayor-purchases a motor-car. H
  • For Two Nights Only: Omnibus 4 - Overtime and Grailblazers

    ·3.73·147 Ratings
    Two of Tom Holt's best-loved tales are brought together in this omnibus edition. In Overtime, it all started for Guy Goodlet somewhere over Caen. One moment he was heading for the relative safety of the coast, aware that fuel was low and that the Mosquito
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