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  • Hornito: My Lie Life

    ·3.67·116 Ratings
    Juxtaposing a trip to his childhood home -- where he has retreated to try to make some sense of his hectic existence in New York City -- with memories of growing up gay in seventies suburbia, Albo creates "Mike Albo." This character's memories are from a
  • The Violin Maker: Finding a Centuries-Old Tradition in a Brooklyn Workshop

    ·4.05·217 Ratings
    How does a simple piece of wood become a violin, the king of instruments? Watch and find out as Eugene Drucker, a member of the world–renowned Emerson String Quartet, commissions Sam Zygmuntowicz, a Brooklyn craftsman, to make him a new violin. As he te
  • The Sad Truth About Happiness: A Novel

    ·2.94·398 Ratings
    A beautiful and affecting novel -- bittersweet and comic -- on the elusive nature of happinessMaggie is in her early thirties, gainfully employed, between relationships, and ready for a change. But when she takes a quiz in a magazine that promises to pred
  • An Almost Perfect Moment

    ·3.35·257 Ratings
    In Brooklyn, in the Age of Disco, Valentine Kessler -- a sweet Jewish girl who bears a remarkable resemblance to the Virgin Mary of Lourdes -- has an unerring gift for shattering the dreams and hopes of those who love her. Miriam, her long-suffering mothe
  • Leave the Building Quickly: True Stories

    ·3.36·191 Ratings
    Do you know why a race-car driver wears epaulets despite the fact that epaulets would seem in every way contrary to the aesthetic of a race-car driver? It's so that in the event of a crash he may be pulled from the flaming wreckage of his car.Yes, she's b
  • Why I'm Like This: True Stories

    ·3.54·2,652 Ratings
    Cynthia Kaplan takes us on a hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking journey through her unique, uncensored world—her bungled romantic encounters and unsung theatrical experiences; her gadget-obsessed father, her pill-popping therapist, and her eccentric
  • Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?: ... and Other Naughty Questions You Always Wanted Answered

    ·3.19·80 Ratings
    Of course you have! (Or if you haven't, perhaps you should.) Now Mitchell Symons, the reigning King of All Pointless Trivia, carries his inquisitiveness unabashedly into the bedroom and emerges with a smile, answering not only the above but also a veritab
  • That Book: ...of Perfectly Useless Information

    ·3.82·138 Ratings
    You hold in your hands the ultimate trivia guide. Organized in thematic sections, That Book covers a world of learning by an author whos developed game shows (he was the creator of the first "fastest-finger" game-show quiz) and was one of the original con
  • The Scenic Route

    ·3.01·492 Ratings
    Divorced, alone, and unexpectedly unemployed, Sylvia Landsman flees to Italy, where she meets Henry, a wistful, married, middle-aged expatriate. Taking off on a grand tour of Europe bankrolled with his wife's money, Henry and Sylvia follow a circuitous ro
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