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The Georgics

The Georgics

1982 ·
·3.84·892 Ratings ·160 Pages
“ Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish. It's necessary. ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • Rome and Italy (The History of Rome, #6-10)

    ·4.16·1,086 Ratings
    Books VI-X of Livy's monumental work trace Rome's fortunes from its near collapse after defeat by the Gauls in 386 bc to its emergence, in a matter of decades, as the premier power in Italy, having conquered the city-state of Samnium in 293 bc. In this fa
  • The War with Hannibal (The History of Rome, #21-30)

    ·4.13·2,999 Ratings
    It is Livy (59 BC-AD 17) who re-creates for us in vivid detail the terrible events of the Second Punic War, down to the Battle of Zama (202 BC). It is Livy who shows us the immense armies of Hannibal, elephants and all, crossing the Alps (still regarded a
  • The Journey Through Wales & The Description of Wales

    ·3.83·293 Ratings
    Gerald of Wales was one of the most dynamic and colorful churchmen of the 12th century. His JOURNEY describes a mission to Wales undertaken in 1188 by Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, with Gerald as his companion. THE DESCRIPTION provides a picture of t
  • Memoirs of My Life

    ·4.18·79 Ratings
    Edward Gibbon was one of the world's greatest historians and a towering figure of his age. When he died in 1794 he left behind the unfinished drafts of his Memoirs, which were posthumously edited by his friend Lord Sheffield, and remain an astonishing por
  • The Letters of the Younger Pliny

    ·3.87·1,260 Ratings
    Providing a series of fascinating views of Imperial Rome, The Letters of the Younger Pliny also offer one of the fullest self-portraits to survive from classical times. This Penguin Classics edition is translated with an introduction by Betty Radice.A pro
  • The Comedies

    ·3.78·756 Ratings
    In English translations that achieve a lively readability without sacrificing the dramatic and comic impact of the original Latin, this volume presents all six comedies: The Girl from Andros (Andria), The Self-Tormentor (Heautontimorumenos), The Eunuch (E
  • Aeneid: Books I-VI

    ·4.12·1,015 Ratings
  • Eclogues. Georgics. Aeneid: Books 1-6

    ·4.29·344 Ratings
    Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) was born in 70 BCE near Mantua and was educated at Cremona, Milan and Rome. Slow in speech, shy in manner, thoughtful in mind, weak in health, he went back north for a quiet life. Influenced by the group of poets there, he
  • The Eclogues and The Georgics

    ·3.82·216 Ratings
    The Eclogues, ten short pastoral poems, were composed between approximately 42 and 39 BC, during the time of the 'Second' Triumvirate of Lepidus, Anthony, and Octavian. In them Virgil subtly blended an idealized Arcadia with contemporary history. To his G
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