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The Adventures of Ellery Queen

The Adventures of Ellery Queen

1941 ·
·3.87·361 Ratings ·256 Pages
“ Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." ” ― Mary Anne Radmacher
Authors' Books
  • The Siamese Twin Mystery (Ellery Queen Detective, #7)

    ·3.62·427 Ratings
    THE SIAMESE TWIN MYSTERY finds Ellery and his father, the irascible Inspector Queen, trapped in a mountain retreat by a raging forest fire. The members of the household are a strange lot, and the mysterious murder of the retreat's host indicates to the Qu
  • The Egyptian Cross Mystery (Ellery Queen Detective, #5)

    ·3.78·449 Ratings
    A new series of classic facsimile reprints selected and introduced by the internationally renowned editor and mystery expert Otto Penzler. - The Egyptian Cross Mystery has justly been called Ellery Queens weirdest adventure. On Christmas Eve, an eccentric
  • Ten Days' Wonder (Ellery Queen Detective, #19)

    ·3.74·225 Ratings
    Ellery is persuaded to accompany an old friend to his ancestral home when the latter arrives at Ellery's house covered in blood and unable to remember anything from the past few weeks. There, tensions erupt and foul play results in the murder of one of th
  • Calamity Town (Ellery Queen Detective, #16)

    ·3.74·222 Ratings
    Ellery Queen matches wits with a ruthless poisoner who implicates Queen as the prime suspect. "Should make every detective story reader an Ellery Queen fan".--Boston Globe.
  • The Four of Hearts (Ellery Queen Detective, #14)

    ·3.68·191 Ratings
    When Ellery is hired by the head of a motion picture studio to write a film that will reunite two feuding stars, the one-time lovers do more than reunite--they marry. But all turns sour when they are murdered on their honeymoon flight by a pilot who then
  • Double, Double (Ellery Queen Detective, #21)

    ·3.7·207 Ratings
    Ellery returned to Wrightsville to solve the mystery of: A rich man (believed poor) who died of "old age." A poor man (believed rich) who committed suicide. A scholarly drunk who disappeared. And shortly it occurred to Queen that the puzzle had a pattern.
  • The Scarlet Letters (Ellery Queen Detective, #24)

    ·3.47·165 Ratings
    Ellery had a simple case. A few days of discreet snooping, some choice advice, and the inimitable sleuth would blithely restore domestic harmony to the millionaire couple Dirk and Martha Lawrence. And then came the scarlet letters. And finally the cryptic
  • The Murderer is a Fox (Ellery Queen Detective, #18)

    ·3.71·205 Ratings
    For the twelve years following the death of Davy's mother Jessica, and the trial of his father, Davy Fox has suffered inner torture. Davy knew he loved his well as he knew he was going to kill her. He didn't know just when it was going to happen
  • The Fourth Side of the Triangle (Ellery Queen Detective, #29)

    ·3.58·163 Ratings
    Sheila, young international leader of haute couture, is found murdered in her Park Avenue penthouse. Two floors down, the distinguished middle-aged millionaire-Ashton McKell-is hauled off to jail. Next to go, Lutecia, his shy patrician wife. And then-Dane
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