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2015 ·
·3.45·288 Ratings ·416 Pages
“ When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. ” ― Dalai Lama
Authors' Books
  • The Fool's Tale

    ·3.66·1,373 Ratings
    Wales, 1198. A time of treachery, passion, and uncertainty. King Maelgwyn ap Cadwallon, known as Noble, struggles to protect his small kingdom from foes outside and inside his borders. Pressured into a marriage of political convenience, he takes as his br
  • Revenge of the Rose

    ·3.73·474 Ratings
    Welcome to a world of intrigue of the most intriguing kind, where emperors and popes desperately vie for power, even as their subjects and servants engage in behind-the-scenes machinations of their own. "The Holy Roman Empire circa 1200 A.D."Impoverished
  • Crossed: A Tale of the Fourth Crusade

    ·3.6·276 Ratings
    In the year 1202, tens of thousands of crusaders gather in Venice, preparing to embark for Jerusalem to free the Holy City from Muslim rule. Among them is a lowly vagabond Briton, rescued from damnation by a pious knight who burns with zealous fire for th
  • The Mongoliad: Book Three (Foreworld, #3)

    ·3.82·2,703 Ratings
    The final book of the Mongoliad trilogy from Neal Stephenson and company tells the gripping personal stories of medieval freedom fighters to form an epic, imaginative recounting of a moment in history when a world in peril relied solely on the courage of
  • Godiva

    ·3.31·274 Ratings
    Everyone knows the legend of Lady Godiva-the woman who (in)famously rode naked on horseback through Coventry to relieve her people from unfair taxation. But why would a lady of the court take it all off and risk everything, including husband, home, and we
  • I, Iago

    ·3.81·680 Ratings
    “Nicole Galland is exceptionally well versed in the fine nuances of storytelling.”—St. Petersburg Times“Galland has an exceptional gift.”—Neal StephensonThe critically acclaimed author of The Fool's Tale, Nicole Galland now approaches William
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