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Stan Nicholls

Stan Nicholls

·3.56·9,599 Ratings
“ The only limits you see are the ones you impose on yourself. ” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer
Authors' Books
  • Bodyguard of Lightning (Orcs: First Blood, #1)

    ·3.44·545 Ratings
    When humans arrived on Maras Mantia, home of dwarves, elves, and all the other old races, they raped the land of its soul and magic. And, now the Orcs, whom Earthlings hunted down and slaughtered like beasts of the field, may be the chosen creatures desti
  • The Righteous Blade (Dreamtime, #2)

    ·3.44·132 Ratings
    Reeth Caldason's quest for vengeance—and for freedom from the twin plagues of rage and immortality—has brought the able swordsman to Bhealfa, where fear, magic, and brute force are weapons employed by the authorities to control the populace. The palad
  • The Diamond Isle (Dreamtime, #3)

    ·3.5·102 Ratings
    Internationally acclaimed author Stan Nicholls delivers the dramatic conclusion to The Dreamtime! Desperate to find a cure for the curse of immortality and debilitating visions that torment him, Reeth Caldason has traded his fighting skills for potential
  • The Covenant Rising (Dreamtime, #1)

    ·3.39·257 Ratings
    In a land where magic defines the social order, the ruling tyrants alone control the most powerful sorcery ...One of the last of a massacred race of warriors -- an unparalleled swordsman magically afflicted by spells of blind, uncontrollable rage -- Reeth
  • Warriors of the Tempest (Orcs: First Blood, #3)

    ·3.53·354 Ratings
    The third volume in Nicholls's critically acclaimed fantasy finds Maras Dantia drowning in war. Stryke, head of the renegade orcs, and his warband have found the long-lost relic they need--but still do not know how to use it. And, while they try to figure
  • Orcs: Bad Blood

    ·3.62·669 Ratings
    Stryke and his band of warriors return in the first part of a brand-new Orcs adventure! When the orcs discovered a world filled with their own kind, they thought they would live there till the end of their days. But the appearance of an unlikely ally will
  • Orcs: Army of Shadows (Orcs Bad Blood #2)

    ·3.71·486 Ratings
    A sojourn in their idyllic homeworld has left Stryke and the Wolverines lacking purpose. So when an opportunity for bloodletting appears, Stryke seizes it. Utilizing mysterious artifacts, the Wolverines are transported to Acurial, a world where the indige
  • Inferno (Orcs: Bad Blood, #3)

    ·3.66·141 Ratings
    The Orcs have an army of followers. These are Orcs who have fought a vicious battle for survival against the encroaching plague of humanity as it has poured across their world and the worlds of others. Now, the battle reaches a conclusion where the Orcs w
  • Orcs: Forged for War

    ·3.45·236 Ratings
    Orcs: Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls' beloved Orcs universe. The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving, and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists: the powerful and violent warriors, orcs.Orcs: Forged
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