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Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton

·3.88·7,451 Ratings
“ And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • The Meaning of Conservatism

    ·4.04·100 Ratings
    First published in 1980, The Meaning of Conservatism is now recognized as a major contribution to political thought, and the liveliest and most provocative modern statement of the traditional "paleo-conservative" position. Roger Scruton challenges those w
  • Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged

    ·3.98·138 Ratings
    What is culture? Why should we preserve it, and how? In this book renowned philosopher Roger Scruton defends Western culture against its internal critics and external enemies, and argues that rumours of its death are seriously exaggerated. He shows our cu
  • A Short History of Modern Philosophy (Routledge Classics)

    ·3.75·295 Ratings
    Discover for yourself the pleasures of philosophy! Written both for the seasoned student of philosophy as well as the general reader, the renowned writer Roger Scruton provides a survey of modern philosophy. Always engaging, Scruton takes us on a fascinat
  • The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat

    ·3.7·107 Ratings
    Noted English philosopher and cultural commentator Roger Scruton argues that to comprehend Islamist terrorism, one must understand both the unique historical evolution of the state and the dynamic of globalization.
  • An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy

    ·3.62·221 Ratings
    "Remarkable" said "The Wall Street Journal" about Roger Scruton's "Modern Philosophy." "It will be enjoyed by academic specialists and armchair philosophers alike." Now this emminent philosopher takes the discipline beyond theory and "intellectualism, " p
  • Sexual Desire: A Philosophical Investigation

    ·4.01·60 Ratings
    A dazzling treatise, as erudite and eloquent as Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex and considerably more sound in its conclusion - TLS"He is an eloquent and practised writer" - The Independent (UK)When John desires Mary or Mary desires John, what does ei
  • Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered

    ·3.96·94 Ratings
    Russell Kirk was a leading figure in the post-World War II revival of American interest in Edmund Burke. Today, no one who takes seriously the problems of society dares remain indifferent to "the first conservative of our time of troubles." In Russell Kir
  • Kant: A Very Short Introduction

    ·3.77·790 Ratings
    Immanuel Kant is arguably the most influential modern philosopher, but is also one of the most difficult. In this illuminating Very Short Introduction, Roger Scruton--a well-known and controversial philosopher in his own right--tackles his exceptionally c
  • Spinoza: A Very Short Introduction

    ·3.6·251 Ratings
    Father of the Enlightenment and the last guardian of the medieval world, Spinoza made a brilliant attempt to reconcile the conflicting moral and intellectual demands of his epoch and to present a vision of man as simultaneously bound by necessity and eter
  • Intelligent Guide To Modern Culture

    ·3.78·104 Ratings
    Received by the British press with equal acclaim and indignation, this book sets out to define and defend high culture against the world of pop, corn, and popcorn. It shows just why culture matters in an age without faith, and gives an extended argument,
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