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Robert Rankin

Robert Rankin

·3.79·47,542 Ratings
“ We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. ” ― Ronald Reagan
Authors' Books
  • The Dance Of The Voodoo Handbag

    ·3.75·613 Ratings
    This is the story of Billy, whose Grandmother left him the "voodoo handbag" in her will, after he had sold her soul to science. The tales it tells Billy will change his life foreverand the lives of other people as well.
  • The Toyminator

    ·3.81·1,417 Ratings
    Somewhere over the rainbow and beyond the Yellow Brick Road stands Toy City, formerly known as Toy Town. And things are not going well for the city’s inhabitants. There have been outbreaks of STC—Spontaneous Toy Combustion—and strange signs and port
  • The Brentford Triangle

    ·3.98·3,354 Ratings
    'Omally groaned. "It is the end of mankind as we know it. I should never have got up so early today" and all over Brentford electrical appliances were beginning to fail...'Could it be that Pooley and Omally, whilst engaged on a round of allotment golf, mi
  • They Came and Ate Us: Armageddon II: The B-Movie

    ·3.88·1,161 Ratings
    QUIVER AT! Horrible demonic stuff oozing out of computer screens!SHOCK HORROR! Elvis Presley pulling his face off!GASP AT! a talking brussels sprout!SEE! Cannibals on the rampage!HEAR! Fido the Dog do Frankie Howerd impressions!SEE! Rex Mundi, Rambo Blood
  • Knees Up Mother Earth (Brentford Trilogy)

    ·3.89·620 Ratings
    Developers are planning to destroy Brentford's beloved soccer grounds. Something must be done, and theare stirring.
  • The Suburban Book Of The Dead: Armageddon III: The Remake

    ·3.92·686 Ratings
    AT LAST!The much-longed-for final part of the stupendous ARMAGEDDON trilogy.And so it came to pass that on 27 July 2061 in the land of Eden, the money-free Utopia, Rex Mundi did toil mightily in his back garden. And he did excavate a cesspit like unto the
  • Armageddon: The Musical

    ·3.7·2,884 Ratings
    From the point of view of 2050, you're historyTheological warfare. Elvis on an epic time-travel journey - the Presliad. Buddhavision - a network bigger than God (and more powerful, too). Nasty nuclear leftovers. Naughty sex habits. Dalai Dan (the 153rd re
  • Nostradamus Ate My Hamster

    ·3.74·964 Ratings
    DO HOLOGRAMS DREAM OF ELECTRIC CINEMA? He wanted Hollywood. He got Brentford. He wanted Spielberg. He got Fudgepacker. He got who?Fudgepacker. Ernest Fudgepacker. Directed all those weird B-movies back in the Fifties. Whatever happened to him? He retired.
  • Waiting for Godalming

    ·3.7·525 Ratings
    God's other son, Colin, who was edited out of the Bible when Jesus got artistic control, is a bit pissed off. Well wouldn't you be, with your brother stealing the lime-light like that? But now God's been murdered, and there's no way Colin's gonna let the
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