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Renee Rose

Renee Rose

·4.04·30,070 Ratings
“ Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • The Knight's Prisoner

    ·3.63·152 Ratings
    Danewyn, a tavern prostitute, has always been cursed with the Sight—the ability to see into the unknown. It is a trait she has learned to keep hidden from others, but a moment of anger finds her blurting out a prediction about the Red Fox, the rightful
  • Deathless Discipline

    ·3.58·99 Ratings
    Although spankings top the list of Kate's favorite activities with her vampire husband Dom, they are usually the highly erotic foreplay to making mind-boggling love.Not this time. Dom feels that he must lay down the law when Kate not only stays out much l
  • The Devil of Whiskey Row

    ·3.94·161 Ratings
    Forced by miserable circumstance to work in a gold rush brothel, Cora Underhill hates what her life has become. When a fire sweeps through her workplace, she welcomes death as an end to it all. But then Jake Diggory crashes through her window for an unwel
  • The Westerfield Affair (Westerfield, #1)

    ·3.75·297 Ratings
    Reserved to the point of being aloof, Lord Westerfield never attended balls or even considered taking a wife… until he met Miss Kitty Stanley and his orderly world turned on end. Determined to have the beautiful and animated sister of his friend from th
  • Safe in His Arms

    ·3.47·623 Ratings
    For as long as she could remember, Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand, and Zac, the handsome Marine she met at her sister's wedding, filled the role with aplomb… for a weekend. Then the fling came to an end, Zac went off to war and died
  • The Reddington Scandal (Westerfield, #2)

    ·3.75·198 Ratings
    When Phoebe’s brother-in-law catches the notorious rake Lord Fenton in his home late at night, half-dressed and obviously attempting escape, he flies into a rage, threatening to kill both his wife and Lord Fenton. In a desperate measure to avert bloodsh
  • The Elusive "O"

    ·3.35·200 Ratings
    Molly Winters had never been able to orgasm with a man before. Nor had she ever confessed to a partner her interest in spanking. When her co-worker Josh notices the odd look on her face after someone casually uses the word “spank,” he has an idea of j
  • Deathless Love

    ·3.99·177 Ratings
    Kate has always had a crush on Dominic, the handsome owner of the club where her band plays. When she finds out one night that he is a vampire, her interest only grows, and when he sniffs out her need for spanking and brings her deepest fantasies to reali
  • Pleasing the Colonel

    ·3.55·380 Ratings
    Trapped in a crevice after a carriage accident, Amanda Downy is not sure whether she'll ever see the light of day again. With her tongue loosened by a fellow passenger's flask of brandy, she reveals several well-guarded secrets about her life as a governe
  • The Alpha's Hunger (The Alpha's Doms, #1)

    ·3.87·778 Ratings
    When she took a short rest on the floor of her cubicle while working late, the last thing Ashley Bell expected was to wake up with the company’s notoriously hard-assed owner and CEO, Ben Stone, standing over her. The offer of a ride home is a bigger sur
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