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Matt Christopher

Matt Christopher

·3.82·12,083 Ratings
“ Why complain about yesterday, when you can make a better tomorrow by making the most of today? ” ― Anonymous
Authors' Books
  • The Great Quarterback Switch

    ·3.9·281 Ratings
    Can Michael and Tom read each other's minds? Michael and Tom Curtis are identical twins who share a love of football. Unfortunately, because of a tragic accident, Michael must watch from the sidelines as his brother calls the plays on the football field.
  • Football Nightmare

    ·3.88·117 Ratings
    A miserable memory dogs Keith's every move Keith Stedman dropped the pass. The game-winning, undefeated-record-making pass that would have made him a hero instead of a loser. Now, a year later, that missed pass still haunts him, so much so that he's consi
  • Catch That Pass!

    ·3.89·274 Ratings
    Only one thing keeps Jim from being the best linebacker in the team - his fear of getting tackled. But his friend Chuckie knows Jim isn't a coward. With Chuckie's special courage as an example, can Jim find the strength to face his fears head-on?
  • Miracle at the Plate

    ·3.6·250 Ratings
    Skeeter is the best batter in the league but seems to be all thumbs when fielding or trying to make friends.
  • No Arm in Left Field

    ·3.57·142 Ratings
    A poor throwing arm and prejudice from one white boy keep a black junior high student from completely enjoying his position on the baseball team.
  • The Hockey Machine

    ·3.7·143 Ratings
    THE HOCKEY MACHINE Can Steve escape his kidnappers? After leading his hockey team to victory one afternoon, Steve Crandall accepts a ride home in the limousine of an avid fan his own age. Steve is surprised to learn that his fan is a multimillionaire and
  • The Fox Steals Home

    ·3.72·156 Ratings
    Already troubled by his parents' divorce, Bobby Canfield is further distressed when he learns that his father, who has coached him in running bases, intends to move away.
  • Ice Magic

    ·3.65·355 Ratings
    ICE MAGIC A strange power is at work in the rink... Pie Pennelli loves to play ice hockey, but he's got some problems: his hand-me-down skates are too big for him, and one of his teammates is always giving him a hard time. But Pie's troubles really begin
  • The Kid Who Only Hit Homers

    ·3.85·1,338 Ratings
    Sylvester loved baseball, but he wasn't what you'd call a good hitter. He had decided against joining the team, when he met George Baruth. He promised Sylvester he would help him become one of the best players ever. Before long he was hitting homers.
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