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Louise Marley

Louise Marley

·3.78·3,274 Ratings
“ If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • The Glass Harmonica

    ·3.61·258 Ratings
    Award-winning author Louise Marley presents a stunning novel about two musical prodigies -- and two different worlds.
  • The Child Goddess

    ·3.81·161 Ratings
    Louise Marley weaves a compelling story of a woman whose faith may be the only thing that can save a girl from certain doom.
  • Singer in the Snow

    ·3.76·248 Ratings
    On the ice planet of Nevya, people rely on Cantors and Cantrixes, men and women with the ability to channel psi energy through music, creating heat and light. Mreen is possibly the most talented Cantrix on Nevyaabut she is unable to make a sound. She is a
  • The Terrorists of Irustan

    ·4.13·239 Ratings
    In this brilliant novel from the author of Sing the Light, a talented medicant defies the rule of men -- and changes the lives of every woman on the planet.
  • Sing the Light (Singers of Nevya, #1)

    ·3.98·143 Ratings
    Sira, the newest and youngest Cantrix--one who plays healing music for the people of Neya--enthusiastically accepts an assignment to serve the Magister of the House of Bariken. She soon discovers that the Magister's house holds many secrets within its hea
  • Future Games

    ·3.58·50 Ratings
    Human competition is eternal. We thrill to victory, we suffer the agony of defeat. No matter what the future brings, sports will be a part of it. But what forms will these games take? Who will be the spectator, who will play? Will aliens be our opponents
  • The Glass Butterfly

    ·3.73·185 Ratings
    In The Glass Butterfly, Louise Marley winds together a tale of subtle danger lurking in the past and a mother's sacrifice for her son's future. . .. A new life. A new name. A complete break with the past. It's the only way therapist Victoria Lake can thin
  • Mozart's Blood

    ·3.41·302 Ratings
    As a young soprano in the eighteenth century, Octavia Voss was bitten by a vampire patroness during a sexual tryst with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and was imbued with the essence of his astonishing musical gifts. Since then, Octavia has enjoyed several care
  • The Brahms Deception

    ·3.44·126 Ratings
    In her highly intriguing new novel, Louise Marley masterfully intertwines the past and present with a mystery surrounding one of the world's greatest composers. . . The Brahms Deception Music scholar Frederica Bannister is thrilled when she beats her bitt
  • Going Interstellar

    ·3.82·103 Ratings
    A collection of tales by an all-star assortment of award winning authors including Ben Bova, Mike Resnick, Jack McDevitt, Michael Bishop, Sarah Hoyt and more together with essays on high technology by space scientists and engineers – all taking on ne
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