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John Barnes

John Barnes

·3.73·18,826 Ratings
“ What you seek is seeking you. ” ― Rumi
Authors' Books
  • One for the Morning Glory

    ·4.01·383 Ratings
    The Tale began when young Prince Amatus secretly sipped the forbidden Wine of the Gods, leaving him half the lad he'd once been--literally--for his left side suddenly vanished without a trace!But, as is often the case in Tales of this sort, the young Prin
  • Kaleidoscope Century (Century Next Door, #2)

    ·3.55·212 Ratings
    Joshua Ali Quare lives life to the full - decades before, he was infected with a virus that ensures that for every fifteen years he lives, he gains another ten. After each virus induced coma, he wakes with his memory erased and ten years younger. This tim
  • The Sky So Big and Black (Century Next Door, #4)

    ·3.92·209 Ratings
    At the end of the twenty-first century, Earth is under the control of a single intelligence, the apparently benign One True. Mars, meanwhile, is slowly terraforming, and the human settlers there are still free of One True's control...but you still need a
  • A Million Open Doors (Giraut #1)

    ·3.77·747 Ratings
    Nou Occitan is a place where duels are fought with equal passion over insults and artistic views alike. Giraut--swordsman, troubador, lover--is a creature of this swashbuckling world, the most isolated of humanity's Thousand Cultures.But the winds of chan
  • The Return

    ·3.35·113 Ratings
    Former astronaut Scott Blackstone's dream of opening outer space to visits from everyday people is under attack. His pilot program has been marred by a fatal accident, he's out of a job, and he's being sued for a billions dollars. And it's beginning to se
  • Encounter with Tiber

    ·3.87·504 Ratings
    Chronicles the story of an astronaut who discovers evidence of an extinct race of aliens that left traces of their civilization on the moon.
  • The Armies of Memory (Giraut, #4)

    ·3.71·127 Ratings
    Giraut Leones, special agent for the human Thousand Cultures' shadowy Office of Special Plans, is turning fifty--and someone is trying to kill him. Giraut's had a long career; the number of entities that might want him dead is effectively limitless.  Bu
  • Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy

    ·3.68·119 Ratings
    Do you dream of -Crossing the galaxies? Living in the far future?Entertaining millions with your imagination?This book can help make those dreams come true!Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy brings you expert advice on how to craft and market tales of th
  • The Penguin Henry Lawson: Short Stories

    ·3.63·137 Ratings
    Henry Lawson is too often regarded as a legend rather than a writer to be enjoyed.In this selection John Barnes reveals Lawson not only as a writer who has delighted past generations.His short stories, some humourous, some wry, some moving are, above all,
  • Mother of Storms

    ·3.77·1,255 Ratings
    In the middle of the Pacific, a gigantic hurricane accidentally triggered by nuclear explosions spawns dozens more in its wake.A world linked by a virtual-reality network experiences the devastation first hand, witnessing the death of civilization as we k
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